Love Shanghai curl push Windows environment configuration with localization steps

7, curl < > test command


5, find the system variables in the Path variable, then just named variable name, "little lost Crawler" here is the%CURL_HOME% to copy and paste the value of the variable, note that this is not an additional coverage to a semicolon interval as below:

cURL command

3, back to the desktop right click on my computer – properties, click on the button according to the configuration of different windows system selection tab find environmental variables as shown below:

1, unzip you download the compressed file package, here "little lost Crawler" according to the system type you download the corresponding installation package, stored in the C drive, according to their own needs to store different drive according to the can, "little lost Crawler" put E disk under the local picture is as follows:

believe the use of Uinx Linux system, you must know the use of the curl command, specifically what it was for, do not know how you can go to the search engine search, details you should easily get to. "Small reptiles" lost here is to introduce the website in order to solve the new page collection problem, using the method to use this command, of course, for the use of the windows environment users. The details are as follows:

, extract the curl.exe file under the /bin/ folder, and then copy and paste the path to the file:




4, click the new system variables a system variable, the variable name myself a simple way to remember, "the little lost reptile habit named" CURL_HOME ", the value of the variable path for step 2 play copy, and then click ok. The following figure:

as above, enter the of the site you can scroll the mouse to find a suitable system installation package, and then download to the local hard disk

two, configure the environment variable


6, click OK, and then copy the curl.exe command to the system path C under the "little lost Crawler" here is the C:WindowsSystem32 installation can be completed as shown in figure

After 2



, download the installation package

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