Love Shanghai rectification has just begun

in the examples before, I guess the first love Shanghai announcement message. From the "628K station event" let the webmaster "fear". Following the release of rectification notice, and make a small update, let the webmaster consciously correct, but did not carry out large-scale K station. Following a series of announcements, is to remind the webmaster to love cleaning station. At this time, if you lose faith in love Shanghai webmaster will lose a lot of money, love Shanghai began to put out by the K station, get most of the owners of praise, and began to ignore K off site announcement. So, we cannot underestimate the love of every Shanghai announcement.



This article is not a

W3SO site of the original article, but the article reproduced on other websites. W3SO is directly reproduced even the pseudo original are not, and bring the anchor text + hyperlinks. This caused the weight loss, as well as on the website of the Shanghai love love. Like Shanghai spiders have to eat something, you let him eat the equivalent of spit in, it will love

is a hyperlink within the chain is too many factors, these two factors, completely contrary to the rules of the game of love love Shanghai, Shanghai how will allow you to continue to play? While love Shanghai still remember once every one, to comply with.

from the first collection, W3SO is still the second, that love Shanghai or attachment to W3SO, consider the site and remedy. However, I used in the analysis said real name Marketing Forum, the second does not mean weight. Then we have to look at the content of.

of course, have said in the W3SO submission can get hyperlink and anchor text, which I have to admit it is a big factor, but not by hyperlinks too much, and let your ranking all. If the W3SO delete hyperlink will not make significant changes in the website.

then began combat analysis based on W3SO analysis.



search by title, has been unable to find this article, although this article has been included. Zhu Weikun once said, was collected by the W3SO K blog will, and now it is. Many webmaster friends have noticed that there are many different anchor text links in the article. Of course, these links point to a page in the channel, "ignoring the warning lore before action is ranked the first second, and now has reached 100 after.

some days ago, love Shanghai intensive release some of the owners of the announcement, indeed let many webmaster touched. However, Shanghai has just begun to rectify the love. An example is relatively well-known w3so Adsense network. In the love of Shanghai released refused to false original statement, in the webmaster group have different opinions on the W3SO station network, but in recent days, several main keywords ranking was W3SO.

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