Entrepreneurship, please protect intellectual property, do not wait until lost, and then too late to

In the early days of

– thanks to our technical team of talented minds, come up with such a talented scheme to solve the problem of the industry, the product was in short supply, hey, how did people order, what? Competitors out fake?! find a lawyer to sue them! The lawyer asked, do you have a patent??

, ha ha, my products are done, it is a perfect interpretation of the "love" brand!??! "" love "trademark has been registered?? or in our business class in?? how do you want to buy back, or a trademark or brand? If not always feel that" love "products and the soul is not a perfect fit, this feeling, you know.

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– full of joy to celebrate the team product line, the number of users exceeded 2 million! What?! we received a lawyer’s letter, said logo violated the trademark rights of others, was asked to stop using and compensation, my God, how is this going.

, everybody:

? Trademark registration? Isn’t that important? Let me wait until I make the product,



on the eve of financing, competitors sued us for trademark infringement and threatened with high compensation, and investors said they needed to solve the problem first……

didn’t know any of the guys who had thought about it. Did you ever have a problem like this:

• intellectual property layout? Do not worry, wait until my product has a certain reputation, go ahead,

does not know whether the small partners on the road of entrepreneurship have had such an idea:

?? ?

sees here, believe everybody already realized, if do not strengthen intellectual property protection consciousness in poineering initial stage, the likelihood causes more troublesome trouble to poineering company.

– oh yeah! We spend time and money in return, our trademark or brand has been well-known in the circle quite, I want to start the registered trademark!??? what?! our logo or brand is a registered trademark of the third party, how to do, difficult way only for others to do the wedding dress??

• infringement risks? No mistake, the world is so big, I use the trademark or brand how may have been registered before others?


intellectual property rights, in terms of classification, mainly include:

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, the protection of intellectual property rights though not immediately bring direct profit for the enterprise, but can help enterprises to avoid unnecessary losses and risks in the future, is the so-called modaobuwukanchaigong, recommend in product development and construction business at the same time, but also to do good early protection of intellectual property rights.

?? ?

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, intellectual property rights protection of different start-up companies

• offline parts: trademarks, copyrights, patents;

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