Case analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Er how the trend of spider S log analysis

three: how to analyze IIS log

note how to access the site and set the IIS log

we can use Notepad to open the log file, and the Ctrl+F search BaiduSpider and noble baby BOT the two search engine spiders. As shown in figure

4: at the same time through the IIS logs we can analyze our content, what is favored by search engine, what is the search engine to look not to see. The contents of these data by fine-tuning.

in our optimization process, will inevitably encounter some problems plaguing us, these problems will be related to our optimization strategy. Such as how the chain effect we do? We space the existence of naked eye can not see the unstable? Our content which gain more favor? Search engine spiders crawl frequency and so on our site?. These problems will be related to the formulation of optimization analysis and strategy of our. So what channels can better analyze these problems? We can through the analysis of our site IIS log file.

1: the disintegration of the log file analysis

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1: the site of the IIS logs we can understand the situation crawling search engines to our site, including search engine crawling and crawling path, and then analyzes the influence on the construction of the chain we crawl, we put the chain as a search engine spider into the entrance of our site at the same time, IIS will record record the search engine spiders to climb into the entrance from the record.

2: at the same time we need to pay attention to is, I suggest we set the best log production once per hour. If the site is less content of small and medium-sized site can be set for a day. If we set a lot of content, for the day to generate again, then the log file might appear the file is too large.

: a IIS for the importance of our Shanghai dragon


1: first of all, we need to support the host site download IIS log, we need to communicate clearly with our hosting provider support at the time of purchase. If supported, is generally in the weblog file, we can access the site directly from this file in the log file.

3: the IIS log can reflect the space of the site there are some current appearance can identify errors, these errors can be the first time out from the IIS log to reflect. We can use the log as soon as possible to find and solve problems.

2: crawl frequency update frequency and the search engine site there is a certain relationship, in general, the frequency of updates is high, the search engines crawl more frequently. We can update fine-tuning using search engines crawl frequency in the IIS log.

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