Practice good Shanghai Longfeng exactly what to do

I is the operation of Home Furnishing industry portal, not to engage in the study of Shanghai dragon. The site at the beginning, I never heard of Shanghai dragon, but in the process of website operation for more than four years, on the right and wrong I heard Shanghai dragon, too much. Today I combined with their own experience, talk about my understanding of Shanghai dragon. Wrong, please correct me, in the exchange.

again the speed and quantity. Some people say we need regular updates regularly is a long time, it is said to be updated every day. I also want to be updated every day, but I can’t do it. There are two reasons, one is Wednesday Thursday, a new online article more, the other little time, not easy to find; two is the weekend holidays holiday (to do more to understand the YiZhangYiChi), so we articles on the site is generally only two or three days will update. We are now doing a nationwide industry website, although the holidays every day there are a lot of updates, but specific to a particular station, can do weekly updates on the good. As for the number of updates, we have no specific standards, good article more updates are found, no not update. On average, a capital city of home network, a week to update five or six articles. Some people may think.

, said the first, who knows the best original content. The author not only, can not write the original article, but to do false original. In fact, we do false original is not good. Have heard people say, and the others have more than 80% of the content, search engine will think is a copy, not included; see recent online, said there are more than 70% similar, Google is not included, it is also not to ranking. Our website articles are all from the Internet, individual articles have added to the processing, a little change, most of the articles are only the title of a statement, and sometimes even a little lazy no change. But there is one point that we find articles and related websites, we read, let the real users look valuable.

one of the Shanghai Dragon said the miraculous, effect is magnified; some of the Shanghai dragon is (often see someone chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival wrote yesterday, meaning although also understand, but it seems particularly awkward, tomorrow: now, like the Chongyang Festival) is a free; others say Shanghai dragon is a kind of attitude, to recognize people ruzhui clouds.


operation of the home network (not the name, just want to share, do not want to do advertising), has been very good ranking in Shanghai love almost all search engines, there are a lot of friends asked me how to do. I said, I don’t know. Friends may think this is too stingy, not willing to put in the middle of the skills to tell him. In fact, I said is the truth, I really do not know why so good rankings. If you want to find the reason, I summarize may be the site do a long time, update faster than others, more links. Content is king, the link for the emperor, who know the truth, tell the truth, the content and the chain I do not is not good, so these reasons I think it is difficult to stand up.

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