Some small law website pages loved Shanghai K station

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don’t know everyone has to do the inside pages of the experience, a page to do love Shanghai home is entirely possible and PR is also very easy, my website page PR is 3 pr higher than the home page. Keywords spent nearly a month’s time in this page suddenly go up, but when I removed some keyword links on the site down, because there are several stations within the page are met my head this really big, 1:30 will not know what to do. There is also the customer constantly ask, hey.

After the

in the K

statement about the general enterprise inside pages without content updates, if your page is k so his snapshot snapshot stay until you return your ranking on the back. What is not a good solution, of course, but in the new chain. My two station 3 pages are nearly a month to come back, now also get myself a lot of high PR station chain to these pages. Here are two points, the first point: when you do the new chain is the quality requirement is high, there is some good performance as far as possible with the web site to your pages, so if your hand did not stand it? Links with this method that is less! In which you used your home chain to the other side of the web page, and the other is the chain website home page to your pages (Figure 1). This link is not cross link and webmaster for their own examination, not easy to check. When you link up to a certain amount of this page will update the snapshot, naturally you will be ranked up. Second if you do a lot of work to do very tired to love Shanghai to update your expected rankings and snapshots did not return it? Here is a commonly used method to reveal a snapshot complaints (Figure 2) the snapshot is now No. 28 yesterday I was the last night of complaints love Shanghai is very fast, it is also the natural ranking of Sou sou sou. >

analysis, in the home page is not so strong strong, as long as you Links not all removed it should not have what problem. Even if you removed some of the chain link impact is not great, but the inside pages generally do not Links and his link may each one is very important, once a Shanghai dragon master taught me even if it is a link to your ranking may also cause great impact, last month I the ranking being transferred directly to 100, the Shanghai love little punishment, if in accordance with the normal logic, he is not so far away, obviously love Shanghai put up your site in the box to your station re examination.

written on the front, the following is my dry cargo sharing, although we may have encountered this situation but for those who do not meet people who want to give them a little bit of reference. When you have done some stations may encounter this kind of situation.


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