Shi Xiaolong novice how to quickly learn for money

if not through practice, all theories are empty, because the gap between theory and practice is very large. As a simple example, I have a student in my class on the side of a bid award, I told him not to write in the classroom early creative themselves, but others have copied successful creative, you can directly use. Results when the time for him to operate, still can not write creative, this is the difference between theory and practice.

, to see some simple bidding

So learning

two, combined with the actual learning

to learn anything, I see a lot of people do not make money operation for one of the most important reasons is that every day on account of optimization. In fact, the bidding account optimization is only a link of the bidding. So when we study the bidding, don’t think of him so hard, when you think he is easy to learn, you will find that he’s really easy to be.

operation for depends on their actual combat experience, and not on the mouth blown out. Before the Spring Festival I published an article on "four reasons" webmaster is losing money as a result of each big website reproduced thousands of times on the A5. A lot of people with my QQ, I can tell you that GE paid learning to tell the truth before bidding, no thought or apprentice training others.

in my article, tutorial, training, I always give students the concept of indoctrination Psychology: everything is very simple, just do not know how to approach you temporarily! When you understand the method, more complex problems will become very simple, because any complex problems are many a simple question. I would like to bid not part time? Product selection and optimization, keyword bidding, customer service account.

bidding, must first open a bidding account, then choose a competition is not very lucrative product, and then set a good bidding account, imitation auction page advertisement. Looking for specific subdivision method profiteering products will be in my side for a grant class, then in operation what problems timely consultation "with the issue of learning" is one of the best ways to learn. So in combination with practice to learn bidding will be.

so I can only see him practice after an error, please tell the students, after the students were specifically corrected in order to deeply remember the principle.

because of my own operation for money, does not mean that people can earn money through the auction. There is one behind Zhengzhou students to learn from me, then took a student, I was like, a month if he did not earn the money, put the money back to him. The results of the third day study with me on a single, only spent 8 yuan in advertising. The more of my auction this technology began with confidence, then some students operating bidding, I want to take out 40 people in 2013 through the auction to ten thousand monthly income. Below I will talk about how to make money fast learning for beginners.

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