Some small experience the love of Shanghai K station complaints

5. at the beginning and end, try to use some words. For example: dear love Shanghai engineers, hello:………… At the end, I write, I wish you happiness and health…… Finally, write a sincere, standing for small owners, trouble you.

K, do not want to say too much. The character is too poor. It is the light dial. I will complain, try holding the mentality of A. Unexpectedly, really very effective. June 28th is down right, withdraw at the end of July 8th included 0, not to any keyword search. Today has been put out, included (1450) and antecedents were normal. However, under normal circumstances, should be stable development.

1. introduced their own website, of course, characteristics, their own website, a little exaggeration is allowed, but not too much. For example, I like this description: I am the night blog webmaster, my website was founded more than 2 years, is mainly related to the United States VPS website offers information, in the industry is also famous, is the famous site. Absolute garbage site, not copy site etc…….

3. brief (do not emphasize) K station before and after the gap. For example: Night keywords ranking, has been very good, such as XXX, has been on page first. Every day there are stable love Shanghai, Google and other search engine ranking……

2. focuses on, original nature of the site, said this is very important for love in Shanghai. For example, I said: "all of the blog, blog posts are hand original, without any acquisition or copying nature. All sources of information from several well-known foreign forums, and Chinese businesses, engage in investment etc…….

B at B at 6. at about this, summarizes several key: 1. sincere. 2. website to be concise. 3. emphasize the original. 4. emphasize the original. 5. emphasize the original……

my complaints, mainly for the following aspects:

The love of Shanghai was

so much.

first, I was a pure formal, pure original blog. Not any garbage site, if you are the site, estimates don’t complain. Because of this complaint audit should be artificial mechanism. I first introduce the situation, my site called night blog, all the articles are my original. The relevant website optimization, do good. The user experience is very good. You visit the site, want to find content, and website contents at a glance.

4. words, not too much. As much as possible to streamline, all written complaints about me in about 250 words, is from about 700 words to streamline, streamline again. I did not expect to be effective, then forget the deposit draft. This is a manual review, too many words too cumbersome disgusted, too few words and is not sincere, the experience to grasp.


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