The application of artificial intelligence technology in Phoenix in Shanghai

we should all feel Shanghai Longfeng increasingly difficult to do, some people have felt no principles of Shanghai dragon, is no longer so easy to get ranking in the search engine. Here to share an article on the application of artificial intelligence in the Shanghai dragon in the hope that we can take a look.

The application of

in the technical innovation and development under the background of artificial intelligence and gradually attracted more and more attention, has a profound impact on all walks of life, the following will introduce the concept and characteristics of artificial intelligence.

with big data and "Internet plus" era, network technology, computing and information has also made rapid development, human society is moving towards the information age, to the daily life and work of all walks of life and people also brought profound changes. At the same time, the development and innovation of information technology, artificial intelligence technology cannot do without the support of. Through the application of artificial intelligence technology, can promote the information technology to allow people to carry out the work with technical support. For example, the current rapid development of Shanghai Dragon technology, it cannot do without the use of artificial intelligence technology. Especially in the modern society, the number of Internet users more and more, the speed requirements are increasingly high, the majority of Internet users to search for information on the Internet, many problems cannot do without application of artificial intelligence technology, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive analysis and understanding of artificial intelligence technology, and its application research. This paper will combine big data and "Internet plus" background of the times, to explore its application in Shanghai Dragon Technology in artificial intelligence analysis, and put forward the corresponding strategies, hoping for the effective use of artificial intelligence, provide inspiration and give full play to the role of the reference.

in artificial intelligence technology in Shanghai Dragon

artificial intelligence is also called artificial intelligence, its name is "ArtificialIntelligence" English, referred to as "AI". At present, artificial intelligence refers to the simulation or the realization of the intelligent computer, according to the meaning of artificial intelligence, also called intelligent machinery. Artificial intelligence is along with the development of technology innovation, the technology first appeared in 1956, the emergence and development of psychology, logic, computer science, brain science, neurophysiology, information science is closely tied. In fact, the development and application of these technologies, it has positive effect on the birth and development of artificial intelligence, so that it can better serve all walks of life. In short, artificial intelligence is a comprehensive interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary subject, but also the development of these disciplines and the results of progress, people’s life and work, have an important impact on the development of all walks of life. Generally speaking, artificial intelligence refers to those related with human thinking activities, including decision making, problem solving and learning automation etc.. Also, artificial intelligence is closely related with the production of human life and activities. A number of procedures, but also in computer applications such as computer to perform tasks such as playing chess, riddles, often can think of computer has a characteristic of "artificial intelligence" to a certain extent. In computer >

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