The new station to go beyond the old station must counter attack

when we enter a mature industry, a lot of competitors, we have a new website to challenge old website the obvious is not dominant. If not in the form of innovation of subversion, it’s hard to imagine how to win in the competition. The imitation station practices of the author always did not agree, because the first step you have lost. But in the face of the old site competition, we can not imitate others, imitate others only with others ass, never beyond the competitors may. Because of the advantage of the people better than you, people of the domain name, credit, user groups have a great advantage than you.

and this is your half will go beyond, want to go beyond the competitors must seize a rigid demand, and you do better than competitors. For example, people do Shanghai dragon training, people is the text tutorial, but we have to record video tutorial. The value is much higher than that of the text, more users can win. If a competitor is used in video teaching, so I use the phonetic teaching, speech interaction, and stronger than the video. This is a counter attack, if other words the tutorial, you can use text tutorials, others use video teaching, you can also use video teaching, people use phonetic teaching you use speech teaching, always with the others behind walk.

instead of the current status of the Shanghai dragon, every day chasing love Shanghai algorithm and do not want to turn, the fundamental question should really be solved. For example, a text of Shanghai dragon training, a training video of Shanghai dragon. Although the text of Shanghai Longfeng training time is long, the high degree of credit, user groups, all the various aspects of the advantages. If people in the first row, as long as we rank in the search engine home page. Due to the user’s choice will be pushed to the top, because we grasp the core needs of users, this is the biggest ranking factors, the time domain name, credit, user groups, these are very important, but not enough to support the whole ranking. Once such counterattack or subversion of a new round of overlord appeared.

advantage is obvious, is your content really so wonderful? When the carriage and wagon competition, we need to think about automobile era, and ready. When others use words, we in order to enhance the user experience to complete video teaching, this is a kind of subversion. I believe that if you allow users to make a choice, I believe that users will choose the video teaching, rather than text teaching. Once the user has chosen you, will also choose your search engine. In fact, when we do the Shanghai dragon can be so, we have reason to believe that we are and the search engine is equal, the value of our existence is the search engine existence value, the key is the answer to your website users are not required. If you answer to you with extreme self-confidence, the search engine will hold you in the front.

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