The website chain optimization of linkbait construction

site is necessary for the healthy growth of the web material, like human beings need food and water. The increase of the chain method has many kinds, but what method can efficiently increase the chain of our website? I want to emphasize here is today’s content. The construction site outside the chain link bait. The people may not understand. What is the link bait? Linkbait refers to our human to create some very eye-catching or teaching resources, so as to increase the external links for our website. In fact, many webmaster in website optimization promotion process or use the link bait, following method by linkbait Xiao Wu to introduce.

The content and the chain , a cyber source.

news entertainment bait, a lot of people should be very clear. The most important news is that the one who is the fastest, who was the first person to publish news. Of course, can be said to be the entertainment entertainment news, but also includes humorous bait. We know that one of the online content spread very quickly is a joke. But there are too many jokes, but these jokes are already there, if the owners themselves can produce humorous jokes, the chain so you can access the same lot, and these jokes became your link bait. The entertainment news content is very rich, we need to get yourself. I remember in Shanghai Longfeng actual code, link bait is also a controversial topic. The author will be covered in the news and entertainment bait boxes. This is a controversial topic.

cyber source is very rich and colorful, we can learn the knowledge of interest. In fact we are invisible, became the object of the other link bait. We may often be of some use, practical tutorials, tools etc.. Shanghai dragon in actual combat password, it will Zac the teacher segments for several categories, mainly resource-based linkbait, online tools, plug-in these three types, the author here is classified as a class, unified logo for cyber source. I love this kind of comparison link bait, such as we do in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon every day need to use the tools, we may for convenience, directly to their collection, or directly into our website link. This is invisible to others brings enormous external links. Some people might say. Our ability is limited, we can not produce some tools or utility plug-ins, so we can use the soft, soft text is not actually soft, the author emphasized here is the kind of dry cargo sharing, and not speak generally. Many people are not willing to share some of their actual combat experience. But if you share some of the experience to help novice is confused the Shanghai dragon Er, I believe you will be greatly increase external links. I very love my master name – love sharing. He belongs to this kind of love to share the experience of the people. The author emphasized that a word here, if you want to have a good harvest, please don’t be so stingy.

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