Google Adsense FAQ

1. application / registration

asked: how to apply for a Google Adsense account, to apply what conditions.
A: please read the Adsense policy and terms of policy carefully before applying
>: Terms:
?Q: how long is the application

Adsense account audit cycle?
A: fill out the application form and submit, please refer to the Adsense sent to your email. After you confirm the EMail address, Adsense will review your application and notify you of your application within 2 to 3 days EMAIL.

2. issue

asks: I can manually modify the Adsense code?
A: No..

: a page can be put in a few recommended products?
A: for each recommended products put a number of advertising, advertising and other advertising recommendation unit does not conflict with.

Q: a web page can put several ad code?
A: 3 group Adsense group AdSense for ad code, 2 search, 1.

group link unit

asks: Adsense suitable for running on what page requirements?
A: Adsense can not be put in non content page (the registration page, error page, login page, etc.) to produce the copyright page, illegal page. Please refer to the specific policy of Adsense.

ask: can I use Adsense ads to multiple sites?
A: OK, please make sure you have the ownership of the site and the site of.

with Adsense policyQ: can I use

to call JS Show Adsense ad?
A: in the absence of Adsense must not be allowed before, if necessary please JS documents to Adsense group to confirm the

!Q: can I

through IFRAME to advertise?
A: Yes, but if you choose to use iframe to display advertising is only advertising page 1 of the iframe Adsense advertising, and not with the code.

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