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Shanghai Longfeng tool

I am now using the super housekeeper free version (the paid version is more awesome, you can use the free version, if you are in good condition function is very powerful) the overall situation can easily check the website, but this tool also comes with a statistical report, so that we can know the changes we see site data, the best ranking is a one-time queries multiple keywords, the management is very easy, know the keywords ranking change every day.


use the concept of webmaster tools can clearly see the site collected, YAHOO snapshot love Shanghai, love the chain, Shanghai related domain, Google included, Links information and so on, the interface is very simple, it is very easy to use, have many webmaster favorite.


two super Butler tool

A view of the

as Shanghai dragon ER, need to do a lot of things every day, often we will borrow some Shanghai dragon tools to help us to finish the work quickly, then the general Shanghai dragon ER every day need to use what Shanghai dragon tools? Shanghai dragon tools today Wuhan Shanghai dragon to use every day I share the.

three IIS log analysis toolsIn

three tools that I recommend to you today, we often hear that a friend said, why do I use this tool and also a tool to query biased data, in the end I listen to which one? In fact tool is a tool, so don’t be too tangled in the the above saying, the good "data is only for reference, the last hope webmaster friends can share their usual use in which Shanghai dragon tools, love will share is now the most popular spoken language.

webmaster tools


we mentioned before, the IIS log analysis is one of the webmaster every day we have to do, because the IIS log is a spider and our website dialogue information, we can pass the IIS log HTTP status code to see a lot of problems, some of the commonly used state code we need to remember. So I recommend to view the IIS log of the IIS viewer. Through this we can clearly see the number of spiders visiting website, website there is no dead links (because I use the old domain name, so inevitably there are some dead links. Through the analysis, we carry out our website optimization work.

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