How to use advanced technology to new Shanghai Dragon

second: original articles and how to write the original article, what is the original, is to write out, real. Why focus on that original, beauty is like changing clothes every day can attract more people’s attention, do Shanghai dragon website to attract the search engine spiders to attract public attention, to write some of the others had not seen the real article, only true in order to impress people. The renewal of the original article to have a persistent and continuous. Three days of fishing, two days of practice is not desirable. Since the original article is so important for Shanghai dragon, so many friends will ask, how to write the original article? There are a lot of articles about this method online, the webmaster only recommended two ways, one is their own hand, write their own daily life and work experience, like writing a diary at the heart. It is true. May be less than. Second kinds of methods, good articles and good content to see after you put this article in the record, understand, understand, through their own language to write the contents of the article, on the one hand I have learned, on the one hand, one of their own original article came out the.

: the first title writing, the title of the site is not only the focus of concern is the search engine, the user through the search to see you on the site of a first impression, for example, or take the Xinjiang Shanghai dragon own blog as an example. Open www. Shanghai dragon 0990贵族宝贝, first appeared in the IE above: "Karamay Shanghai dragon _ Karamay website promotion _ construction sites in Karamay. The oil city of Shanghai – Dragon website optimization" such a word, also fell in love with the sea search: Xinjiang Shanghai dragon, you will see the following figure, why you said in the title. Here is the best embodiment of the. When the different results appear in front of the user, which is a write to attract people, which is the target users need most content, the user will point in, although in the first row of opportunity, but not everyone will go to the first point, as long as on the first page, equality of opportunity. The most important step is to rank Shanghai dragon "the ranking title contains keywords ranking you want it. So you will want to optimize the words in between, this is the title of the wording and important place.

third, website update settings, this is what the concept? Is on your website on a dynamic module all whenever and wherever possible, for example: online users, the latest articles.

wrote four articles to the front of the new Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge and the introduction, starting today, to pay attention to the new advanced technology real application of Shanghai dragon, the premise is that you must master the basic concepts of the four chapter in front of. Today Xinjiang webmaster webmaster making is to introduce the Shanghai dragon station optimization five core. Mainly include: site title writing original articles and how to write the original article, update the site settings, the website links to the total, around the word and other related content.

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