Keywords single batch method push on home

keywords, especially some large index word? There is a relatively common practice in the black hat manipulation, is a single batch, the short term will be large quantities of station link to the target site, get good rankings. How do? We look under the effect:

black, a small station, where so much time learning. The social worker, this fast. We all know that DEDE is a famous enterprise station program, also with many people, of course, there will be a certain proportion of the people who use the default admin, the default username and password, ha ha, thought of here. But this should be a look?! but not so stupid. After all the useful default settings for the relative proportion is not high, the efficiency can not keep up, it is no use.


got are the default background path site, ha ha, followed with the default username and password and try to visit it, a lot of people actually use a weak account and password is not the default, here I temporarily not to say, the next time the said with a weak password. Not too difficult, the social benefit is that. How to get the station, you will see how hard the deft hands and feet. But there is one point to emphasize is that with the background, the heart is to take someone else, shell, do not. We do nothing more than take the chain. Here to remind you, do you stand.

50 thousand data will also have a little bit of repetition, this has nothing to do. 50 thousand URL, how to determine where is the default background? Please read some information later, can be found by "status code returned quickly determine whether to use the default background. Such as: xxxxxxx贵族宝贝/dede, website if there is default path, the status code is 200, which is much easier. Immediately the 50 thousand data batch processing, all the chain data behind /dede/ tools for query, multi thread, dozens of two minutes per second, processing the data of one thousand or two thousand, very spectacular. This is the default background processing site, the proportion of roughly 8%, is still pretty high.

for the first time to write this article, I hope you teach.

protective film (Shanghai: love love Shanghai index is about 300), here used a similar method in two stations, respectively is the screenshot of the first and last. You can check their own data chain.

How do

?Of course, this

of course, if some of the old owners, or Internet companies to operate their own station more to do with the different IP site is fine, just does not seem to be the vast majority of people can have such good conditions and resources, how to be single or batch of

CMS generally have a copyright statement and retained the official website. Do you think the webmaster, now a powerful love Shanghai Webmaster Tools: the chain analysis. Analysis of the use of the chain, can obtain 50 thousand chain. Almost enough

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