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here in Shanghai Longfeng thinking is based on Shanghai dragon technology. Contains a wide range, such as user psychological analysis, profit pattern mining, website strategy. The three is to let the website develop better, more in line with the search engine, but also in pursuit of the user experience, respectively, to explain below.

Shanghai Dragon Technology

third, website strategy, this is the most important aspect. Your website will rely on what profit? How to promote? What? How to do? Is there any good ideas? There are a series of problems in front of you. All you need to think about, if you contact the Shanghai dragon long enough, then these issues in the usual.

second, profit model, the profit model of the site need not mining, people rely on what we can rely on what profit profit. Even if you and others do the same to the industry, the results may also be different, because different, your flow of different brands, different people have different results. So the profit model need to continue mining and testing, there is no best, only better.

, the first user psychology, do Shanghai dragon ultimate goal is profit, and profit is to serve customers, so it is necessary to analyze the customers’ needs and psychological selection, super long tail word can be seen from a large number of Taobao passenger station, which is in the mining of user psychology. For example, forum posting, illustrated post click rate is often higher, this is the webmaster of curiosity, do not hold this forum is to promote the psychological

website certainly cannot do without a solid Shanghai Dragon technology, the only way to do this is the premise of the keyword ranking. The Shanghai Dragon technology is some basic knowledge, the people for having heard it many times the internal optimization, external optimization. Internal optimization is some detail, such as the URL standard, the site layout is reasonable, Links, internal links, label use, website speed, quality of articles, title writing, and the core lies in the optimization of external external links, external links do have very much, through the soft Wen, through the micro-blog Forum blog, classification of information website, Links exchange platform, link bait, these methods are not difficult, but is too fragmented, need more time to improve and organize, general technology Shanghai Longfeng everyone is familiar. But as you contact the longer will be derived from a promotion optimization idea more, it is the Shanghai dragon thinking.


Shanghai dragon also has quite a long time, the Shanghai dragon have very deep feelings, with the depth of contacts, feel more and more Shanghai dragon includes not only technology, but also includes a system of thinking, a thought out of the website promotion system. With this idea, you can easily get all kinds of methods, this article will talk about my understanding and perception of Shanghai dragon.


Shanghai dragon

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