Six quickly find the long tail keyword method

three: Research on competitors website, we can study and own site theme related website, through some webmaster tools to analyze their website here, can also get a little data on these data, a long tail key word was born.

in a web site inside pages, each page has its own title, but the title is the site of the home page keyword derivative, is the site of long tail keywords we often say, these long tail keywords play a great role in the website, when you determine the website keywords, can be carried out by long tail keywords these keywords are derived, the website needs to have the support of the article, and these articles Title Choice is to further optimize the long tail keywords. A website long tail keywords hundreds of thousands of us, in the way to find the website long tail keywords to what it is now, I give you the method for searching for the long tail keyword six.

five: the forum Post Bar inquiry platform collected at the forum, in Post Bar, in the Q & a platform can be found in many users questions on these issues will also appear in a >

four: through some webmaster tools. Now there are many webmaster tools used online, through the webmaster tools can get some long tail keywords, by entering a simple keyword can help you to collect a lot of relevant long tail keywords in the search results, some can only see the first page of search results, need to register before you can see or download all the data, this is not difficult the.

two: browse the page for long tail keywords. When we browse the Internet, when you have love in Shanghai in search of search keywords in browsing the web, you will find yourself just appear with the search keyword related advertising will see their own web pages on the left and right pop-up advertising column, some advertisements appear in the picture link form, some advertisements appear in the text a link, you can look at these words, words are generally longer, some questions in form, in fact these are long tail keywords, this is because there is a column in the bidding WebUnion love Shanghai auction, will record the user search information when the user search keywords in the search for love in Shanghai in the engine, the next user opens the page regardless of page topic that have nothing to do with before the search keyword will appear before the search in the relevant The keyword advertising advertising, the text forms of advertising is also a method we collect website long tail keywords.

: love Shanghai love Shanghai for the background, price is more expensive, some companies can promote the love of Shanghai auction, when you have the opportunity to enter the Shanghai love bidding background, you will find that you can get a lot with my own web site keywords related long tail keywords in Shanghai bidding management background database, we can take these keywords were collected and further screened for their own keywords, to edit the articles and so on by these words.

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