Shanghai Longfeng learning in several ways to effectively enhance the learning efficiency

Shanghai dragon

first, learning Shanghai dragon to leveraging the power behind closed doors do not.

second, learning Shanghai Longfeng not only have executive power to know more Shanghai Longfeng thinking.

do is the details, big strategy content is king, the chain for the emperor as we all know, but in the face of knowledge points in details, so we headed Shanghai dragon er must face in all things, I think we must master the basic knowledge and rotten in the heart, such as the complex code, website the construction program can understand some knowledge. It is the case, in the face of Shanghai Longfeng scheme we perplexing, only need to grasp the point of the direction such as site structure, keyword layout, content source of these to do several things on it. Then said the relay play force, we can get any peer ranking good site analysis, why others ranked better than their own, their own analysis of those are lacking, since other high weight, of course we should learn from the research, analysis, reflection, transcendence is the author of four steps follow the advice of the. There are keywords set, keyword density, website construction, grasp the structure, content and quality problems from the chain etc.. If you can get a good ranking among the same industry competitors site analysis, the good way to use on their website, and constantly reflect on summary and improvement, believe that not much time they will have a new discovery and harvest, accumulation of natural increase website weight.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a way of website maintenance, website traffic accurate, high quality conversion rate is we do search engine optimization to achieve the goal, today the author on their own experience and share with you, in the process of learning in Shanghai Longfeng not only do we have to study hard to improve themselves, but also to the stones, the imitation and reference, all conducive to learning are combined to be used, will continue to improve and optimize our level of thinking ability, good gossip today the theme of short continued into the analysis from the following aspects.

I have always believed that smart people are smart, and between the main difference is concentrated in the upper part of the body, said that you may have guessed, is the mind. Use the mind frankly is Shanghai dragon aspects of thinking, thinking this thing is not born I think is a combination of their own experience. Secondly, continuous learning and summary is the key of inspiration, we learn from the knowledge of others but no ground for blame the key question is how to use to optimize their own process. Learn from others can make many detours this is as everyone knows, but mechanically knowledge not to understand, do not know how to use a flexible, long-term progress is like empty talk, copying can only make their stay in place, Shanghai dragon I who understand the deepest love is once the Shanghai algorithm changes, often their own will become overwhelmed, unable to start. The pen.

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