Analysis of the website when to use a turn in order to reduce the loss of flow

Just remember that the

site URL specification: with WWW and without WWW domain can be accessed on the web site, some sites will appear without the WWW site has been included, the weight is also very high, keywords ranking is very good, but with the WWW domain name without weight, keywords ranking is nothing, encountered such a situation and we need to standardize the URL to domain name redirection without WWW to above WWW to.

1, website: website to replace the CMS system to replace the system, because of inconsistent systems, different classification or column used file, URL website address will be changed, then the owners must be used to. In order to avoid spiders and user access to the old site to return to the 404 error page.

3 in the website, for some websites like Wikipedia entry, the user experience and habits are different for a word to call different users to search other names in the Wikipedia website, can not find the content they want, such as the entry site has established a "search" but the user search engine optimization, Shanghai dragon, and can not find this entry, this case in order to keep the site duplicate content, Shanghai dragon entry requires REDIRECT to search engine optimization.

12.6 love Shanghai official statement on the web site revision weight loss problems made a statement, love Shanghai official remind webmaster to use 301 to reduce weight loss, because the problem caused by the revision. They all know that in turn is very important, can clearly tell the search engines you transfer the contents of the website for webmasters to use when? What circumstances can be used to


4, the old site transfer weight to new sites: the establishment of a new site, the old station is no longer operational, hope to be able to transfer the weight of old station to the railway station, improve the weight of the railway station, the old site of the domain name 301 redirect to the new home page at the same time, in order to achieve the best transmission effect, the old station need to continue operating for 3 months so, the new station has a certain amount of weight, and then close the old station operation.

Have the same content of 2,

webmaster address URL any time web content changes, websites need to, otherwise the spiders and user access will return to the 404 error. There are many methods to the website, but the love of spiders in Shanghai is 301 only to admit the jump. 301 permanent steering: the status code is to tell the spider this page permanently moved to a new location, and are generally not changed back to the plan. For other JS like jump, 302 jump, are likely to cause the spider that is cheating, so I do not recommend the use of 30> in addition to the webmaster

is not a website as long as there is need to do to change, after the revision of website content without any change, there is no need to turn at the same time, if any URL change, there is a need to do to the following situations need to immediately turn:

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