A brief discussion on the website optimization by the Spring Festival holiday

for a few days is the Spring Festival, presumably you Taobao guest income should be gradually reduced, after all, the Spring Festival is a traditional festival Chinese. The seller or courier or Spring Festival this time is sure to take a rest, then express once stopped, buyers bought something not receiving confirmation, Amoy revenue will naturally reduce. So, as Taobao customers we can rest in the Spring Festival, visiting friends and relatives, walk out. If you have more free time to stay at home, may wish to use the holiday to do website optimization ranking what, then, after the Spring Festival holiday, perhaps your website ranking will be a lot better than others. The Spring Festival is not a lot of people have access to the Internet, some are too lazy to manage site, and use the holiday to spare time to do site optimization can play a multiplier effect, but also can be said to be ready for your next higher income.

first, website optimization is usually divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization. About Shanghai dragon aspects of professional articles, there have been many predecessors said, we can search for the next can be found here, just mention my own view. The interior of the website optimization is also very important, the construction of a lot of people generally focus only on the external website, it is easy to ignore the internal web site optimization, if can optimize, or are of great help to the Shanghai dragon. The optimization of the site within the directory structure including classification website, website content page, 404 error pages, web site navigation, reasonable keyword density, and the title of the article from the website long tail keywords positioning etc.. I think they are not. If you are like me, not very professional, you have to understand these simple things to learn and explore, with reference to predecessors tutorial learning by doing. A lot of knowledge is not enough light to see the theory to practice, also rely on their own, finally understand their own experience, can let you learn more. When you learn more when you are on the website optimization will have their own understanding, you >

time flies, in 2011 has been in the past, a few days is the Spring Festival in 2012. Last 2011, Amoy crowd, it is people gain a lot, but some are lost. Haha, of course I do not deny that some of the monthly income of tens of thousands of the silent master There are plenty of people who. Recently, Taobao alliance also released Taobao alliance 2011 Annual white paper, which mentioned that the current Taobao alliance members has reached 19 million, the average daily UV coverage reached 150 million, the number of days with UV (and to Taobao) was 23 million, the average daily PV coverage reached 4 billion, turnover reached 100 million yuan. 2011 Taobao union annual total score of up to 1 billion 500 million yuan, in fact, directly caused by the Taobao alliance trading volume size of about 19 billion. More detailed data, I will not say more. You can go to the alliance himself, in a word, if you have confidence in yourself, optimistic about the Taobao passenger car industry, as long as you insist, I believe that you can make money from Taobao in the guest of their own income and harvest.

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