Case analysis of enterprise website how to improve the conversion rate of bidding


normally, for customer transactions, we can through the integral, discount, gifts and other forms to promote the old customer consumption again; at the same time, for new customers and old customers to introduce, in addition to new customers can get more favorable price, and old customers will also get points or gifts and other forms of return. >

enterprise website page most will choose the auction list or the product detail page for accessing the address, if it is a list of pages, your suggestions will be promotion activities or products and other products are highlighted in the list page to guide the user to click on, if the choice is the product detail page, then, the best in the main products on the map, to express the advantages of the product, or long product description, will let users is difficult to find the product you have. Reasonable position must be put on the button (when placing the inquiry inquiry button must let the user feel natural, is not easy to copy button and have done with it). And be sure to set the browser compatibility test, not to see the effect of the customer to see the effect of the major browsers to test. The last is contact, if you only put a page for contact way, I can only say that you do not understand marketing, contact must be the same as the inquiry button to appear many times.

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1, highlight your landing page (the packaging of their products, highlighting the preferential information)

some time ago there was a business owner to find A5 bidding team, his consumption is very high, less than a year in his bidding in consumption is amazing, he found his own website customer service phone is less and less, the customer service is busy doing nothing, with four words to describe, anxious ah? We see his account consumption after the landing page judgment is out of the question, but he had some doubt is the quality decline, first let us help him analyze the account, because of his consumption of two, the A5 team spent a very short period of time will be his account optimization well, but the effect is not to enhance performance, is still falling, he finally began to believe that the judgment of the A5 team. To introduce below A5 is how to optimize his landing page.

service task is the most important task in the first time or the customer’s mobile phone or office phone, then to resolve customer concerns, you answer the question though very believe or customers are very satisfied, but because of unexpected events cause the browser to close, only to find, not to get after the mobile phone number! To contact customer service to continue to communicate with the customer, the customer is doing a good job, will attract customers two times consumption. In addition when the service is not online, the best way to be timely chat message, so the user experience will be better, otherwise the user will feel this web service is too bad.


3, encourage to introduce new customers and old customers


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