To upgrade the site outside the chain construction mode of average popular outreach method

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optimization for the website of the chain, should follow the two principles, 35, is the site optimization to occupy 20%, and the website column page optimization occupy 30%, website optimization will occupy 50%, through this form of relative average chain construction mode, to highlight the site and drainage with different optimization objective. For home, generally choose the core keywords to optimize, and within the page and column page is used to optimize the long tail keywords, at the same time between the content page and column page and home page to form ordered link channels, so that users can successfully find other pages.

The importance of the

search spider currently find sites are basically through the chain of this channel, if outside the chain into the web page is the home page, it will let the spider feel it is useless, because you are a lot.

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chain after love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm for another round of combat became relatively low, but the relatively low mean and before the foreign chain algorithm in the proportion of elements other than algorithm, the weight of the chain is also very important, after all, the chain is the best a Like attracts like. division method, the website weight in the calculation of Birds of a feather flock together., the role is still outstanding, now I love Shanghai algorithm to combat these contents, the key factor lies in the chain construction site before there are some cheating methods, plus for some outside the chain is also analyzed, such as the signature link now these links have chicken ribs stripped from the chain system, which further enhance the purity of the chain.

now love Shanghai algorithm for chain requirements is also reflected in the correlation, the correlation reflects is a constraint on the site of the construction of the chain, but also highlights the role of the chain, embodies the spirit of Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. in this case, how to make this relationship chain mode play the largest role in optimization the effect on the average chain optimization method has become the hot core, this way is that every page of the website as a web site, and then through the form of superposition, to enhance the site’s weight, so as to enhance the role of the chain optimization.

chain method has many

, the average chain

spider crawling

of the chain is home page based, supplemented by the principle of the home page of the website is the main line, through every page of the master page of this natural weight is very large, introduce the role of the chain, highlighting the role of natural home is very important, so other sites naturally preferred the home page to the user, based on this idea, the construction of the chain to highlight the limited page optimization, but this does not mean that the home is the site outside the chain optimization of all, no matter what keywords optimization, are introduced to the home page, let too much responsibility, this correlation will encounter some challenges. Because love is likely to be Shanghai that is a kind of cheating behavior.

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