The immediate search part of the enterprise business system officially launched free trial

in addition, the company has launched a new logo. The new logo with a calm, fair and deep blue as the main colors, with a positive, vibrant red, the expression of immediate search would become beacons of the information ocean voyage guide "". (Lei Feng

in addition, people search company said that the cooperation will instantly search with government departments, banks, industry associations and other relevant institutions, the advertising business qualification strictly, to ensure maximum user access to real and effective information.

it is reported that, compared with other search engines, instant search that pay more attention to people’s livelihood. Exposure table and food safety two sub products and instantly search business system emphasis on the people’s livelihood information show online at the same time, with the people most concerned about the information to the search engine. Immediate exposure table starting from the people’s livelihood perspective, through the "news" and "help rights" and "complaints exposure" and "the enterprise library" plate, a variety of security events and people’s lives from exposure, and provides the official complaint channels, the convenience of the public and Shi Weiquan immediately; food safety through "food safety information aggregation" and "substandard food publicity" and "around the entrance to report summary" and other functions, the rapid transmission of information to consumers important reference.

in addition, instantly search in the entrance on the eve of this year launched specifically for students and parents to the service entrance check database system in Colleges and universities. As long as the user in the instant web search input "entrance check points" frame, you can quickly view the college entrance examination scores are released and related information. The system can also provide all over the area of the liberal arts college entrance examination scores and the data of accurate data to help the candidates to fill volunteer.

earlier, in March 2012, Android immediately news release, "news", "multi selection" and "news timeline", "City News reported a weather station, a key sharing function fully meet the user’s habits, there are nearly one million users to download, nearly 300 thousand active users, the total browse page daily volume reached 1 million 600 thousand. The immediate future will continue to adjust and optimize the search, fully accept the market test.


June 20th, the people’s network search company announced the immediate search business system officially launched, some enterprises will obtain high quality search engine marketing services for a period of one year free. This also means that people search officially began to get involved in business.

people search the relevant person in charge said that immediate search business system not only make full use of the existing network marketing form, also has a user intention recognition function and diversification of information display form, it can be more convenient to meet the users of commercial information needs, at the same time, the system will instantly search business integration of mobile Internet resources, full orientation by using mobile phone and tablet computer and other media information push.

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