How to keep the site ranked in the ideal position

, another is the site of the chain. A lot of good ranking site for the chain site requirements are very high. From the weight, snapshots, and ranking can be seen. Many webmaster in the rankings to reach the ideal position then will be some low quality chain removed, and then take advantage of good rankings change some quality chain, although this behavior is immoral, but a good way to do is stable rank, the quality of a chain of friends of the chain website ranking effect has a direct effect. If you want to stabilize your website ranking, you need to learn every day to check their friends of the chain, not regular cleaning out the serious drop right chain.

is the second, the website of the chain. Many webmaster began optimization on the new site, will first expand the breadth of the chain from the start. Go to the chain in the yellow pages, classified information, forum, blog, community, B2B, B2C and other platforms. Although the quality of the chain is not high, but also very effective accumulated. Moreover, Google is more interested in and outside the chain of such. But when the site is ideal after the owners should do targeted quality chain. As to love Shanghai high weight platform to do the chain. Many owners love to contribute to the stationmaster net.

first, want to tell you is that when the website ranking at the ideal position is no longer to be optimized the idea is absolutely wrong. Before 2013, if your site is enough old, the weight is high enough, the ranking is good enough, you can’t take care of. But after a series of changes like Shanghai algorithm, this approach will not work. Shanghai love to give weight according to the site traffic, but not by the time. Therefore, the high weight of the site may be right down, and once the optimization is not good enough, can easily catch up from behind quality sites than on. Therefore, to optimize no matter what time is necessary.

also is the content of the site construction. Many webmaster all know the importance of website content, but the problem is that the original content of every webmaster how to create high quality. Xiao Bian yesterday with friends to discuss reprint of high quality articles and the creation of the original low quality which website optimization is better. From the long-term development, the original is the best. And long-term, adhere to the original, can be very good to improve the writing ability of the webmaster. A high quality of the original direct >

website optimization purpose is to be able to get a good ranking, many owners still on the way to the good ranking efforts, and a small number of owners to obtain ideal ranking in the site, to try to keep the website ranking stable. As we know, the more intense competition in the keyword ranking is not stable, today your site ranked first, tomorrow is being crowded out the back. Guangzhou Qiyi network website "Guangzhou site construction" keywords are often in love Shanghai home before three wave. Occasionally dropped to fourth and fifth. But after a period of time, the ranking of the site gradually stabilized and remained in the top position, Guangzhou billion odd network today is like to share their experience.

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