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it is understood that the Lake College is co founded by Ma Yun, Liu Chuanzhi, Feng Lun, Qian Yingyi and other entrepreneurs and scholars are similar to the properties of the same circle of high-end training class university, founded in March 2015, Ma Yun served as president. At the opening ceremony, Ma said: "entrepreneurs need talent. Once they find time to train and polish them, lakeside university is trying to find, train and train entrepreneurs."."


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Ma Yun in the first class which is mainly on the business mission, vision and values of the three aspects of the problem, Ma Yun believes that as the company leaders, should have a clear mission and vision, can not drift, Ali in front of ten years is very painful, there are many temptations of choice, but the Alibaba eventually drops boil down, in the face of temptation which is completely two different way, Ma Yun believes that if we want to do is not, not happy, that we can put the company off tomorrow. Now I understand this more and more. If I’m not happy with what I do, not what I’m willing to do and what I despise, I can’t hold on for so long.

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September 10th, lakeside University officially released in online online first open class "Lake three tricks", claimed that the initial public Alibaba 17 years of entrepreneurial heart. The now published September curriculum shows that Ma will give two lectures on what we will teach, and what the mission will do in life and death".


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when Ali was founded, our vision was strange. We said that the enterprise would live for 80 years, and the enterprise would become one of the ten biggest websites in the world. This is our two vision, the vision can not be too much.


to be devoid of any sense of shame one of the world’s top ten sites, of course this thing we debated a lot, we may have made. Anyway, it took us 10 years to do it and today we look at it in every way.

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I think that life will live 80 years almost, hazy enterprises such as people think. But then, we put forward a living 102 years, we set up 99 years, live 102 years can span three centuries. Now, a hundred years of enterprise has been cavitation, all said to be a hundred years of enterprise, you really want to achieve a clear goal.


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