Site drop right back after the flow increased several times

in site diagnosis and optimization proposal "not only gives a method to restore the site right down to the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team to", but also in the recovery of the web site keywords ranking, the weight of the time of passing doing to increase traffic to the site, this is the long tail keywords of digging, he didn’t pay attention to this. Think that as long as the website ranking, flow comes naturally, so almost all the efforts put in several target keywords, the fact that he was wrong, before the site was not right down, traffic is very limited, because our website is the enterprise station, traffic has been poor, the thought is industry factors, belongs to the normal phenomenon, but after the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team guidance, found himself wrong.

no matter what type of website can be Everything is going smoothly. keywords ranking drop, the snapshot not update, the site is down right like homely food, but the site is down right after the flow is increased several times is less and less, they all know that under normal circumstances the site is down right, the flow will decrease, the increase is basically never seen before, the author will take their stand to share with you, my station was drop right after but why traffic increased several times.

to update high quality original content

each site will have a webmaster statistical tools, Statistics website traffic, website traffic sources, my station is no exception, also installed CNNZ statistics, before the website ranking is very good, therefore, from the flow of the search engine is also good, what the user search keywords in still can see the time before the website good not pay too much attention to this aspect of the analysis, it seems, CNNZ does have a very valuable resource, a careful analysis of the data, we can see a lot of things, including the user experience with the increase in flow can be seen, but the premise is that you have to carefully study. >


study of CNNZ refining data source

mining the potential value of the long tail word

site is down right after, A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ Shanghai zhenduan/ Shanghai dragon dragon) advice has been updated to the quality of the original content, and there is no substantial revision of the site or because the site is down right just ignore it, but I was not hurry to dry as usual normal website, did not show too panic, there is no right to be reduced due to the site and because I work at a loss, more decisively, when the site is down right, find the professional Shanghai Dragon Phoenix team, gave me a high level of initiative "site diagnosis and optimization the book" inside the detailed list of websites, what problems exist, why the site is down right, treatment plans are very meticulous, after seeing see light suddenly. Therefore, he always adhere to the content principle, adhere to the quality of the original content updated.

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