Ranking temptation credit quality determines the website page

second, pay attention to the scarcity of website content information. Cyber source sharing, to replace a lot of information, to get users to find the information scarcity, which is the original content. Of course, not all of the original are of high quality, which requires owners of news sensitivity.

third, pay attention to the page display quality. This requires a large number of advertising pages do not, do not have the window, these are serious impact on the user experience elements, is in itself the quality information page, content >

credit is the user experience based, Shanghai dragon er for the new search engine algorithm experience value evaluation. In the process of the site optimization, the author Dennis found the site of the credit is higher, included better quality requirements for each page is relatively low; and vice versa.

first, understand the number of audience. Site audience voting can increase the credit degree, which requires us to understand the number of website itself the audience here refers to not only network users but also the site outside the chain of high quality, these factors can bring to a website plus vote.

well, how to improve the quality of web page is? According to the above recommendations, as long as to meet the specific needs of users, the page reflects the value to the user will be able to participate in the rankings, and we can begin to do the following four aspects:

will make love Shanghai love will increase the page index value, the amount of information in general is the content of the page, the content of the scarce resources for industry exposure, and some others, we improved; others do not, we will focus on the introduction of. Then the page quality is better, with pomegranate algorithm and not related to those search popups, spam and eliminate irrelevant contents page. The last is the user comments, so that all users have to comment a hundred responses to a single call, the page, the attention is often very high, but it cannot attract users comment on the page, you can "self rating solution" in this website is search engines will not be dealt with, and also can not be right down. Increase the page activity.

might ask, will the quality of the page are generally in the love of Shanghai products, why would be found recorded and get a good ranking? This is Aladdin love channel in Shanghai, the vertical category is what we call the search results. As we search, site information is certainly a priority, love Shanghai products too, love Shanghai itself credit value than the Dennis that presumably, high credibility of the web page quality to be low, this is the original Matthew effect.

how to improve the site’s credibility? For the new station, is to improve the quality of the page, including page content, page setup and external links to fit the needs of users to search the vote. Together is to combine the search engine included "hobby", to create a search engine love content, high quality page information must be included.

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