Text chain allows me to easily earn $$75

Because the search engine results

keywords ranking has been a hotly contested spot of the military network marketing, so the text link ads also has huge market, Wangzhuan boy today to introduce a text link advertising money website "BackLinks", "Google PageRank, according to their billing, each link can obtain the highest $$75 per month the rent. This article comes from: http://s.adssense.cn/

BackLinks text link advertising to make money

BackLinks is a sale of text links to the web site for Wangzhuan people of course is a good opportunity to make money. "If you have a higher PR value, you can get the relative income will be higher, and you don’t need to have a special attention to the advertising, as long as the correct installation of good advertising code, you can write articles as usual, as long as there are advertisers to buy advertising links, will automatically display in your installation advertising code position.

but this BackLinks ad only supports PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET advertising program, if your site does not support PHP or CGI then you will not be able to install advertising code, can not join the money making plan.

but to note that they do not accept no PR value ", that is to say PR is 0 if you don’t put your web page into the list for sale.

BackLinks for text links to make money, the highest monthly $$75 a link, how to apply BackLinks text link ads to make money? To apply for a BackLinks account is very simple, as long as the advertisement to the application page and fill in the application form to complete the application.

BackLinks for text links to make money, the highest monthly $$75 a link, BackLinks ad code installation to install BackLinks ad code first you must first join your website, click on the background of the Add Links Page you can add sites to Backlinks.

BackLinks text links to make money, the highest monthly $75 dollars a link, you can join a page (Add single page), you can also add multiple pages (Add multiple links pages). To add links pages (Add multiple pages) you must first have a web page that has been added and placed correctly. Join the method is very simple, just fill in the relevant information such as the following can be completed to join ", if there is a multi page BackLinks added, the system will automatically search the web site has placed advertising code", so once you can add multiple pages selling links.


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