The site is down right, query and analysis skills what

Links with IP, or any form of interconnection between websites. Before the change of Links, check the other side of the IP is the same with oneself, detection method of 贵族宝贝ip138贵族宝贝/ input domain name query, as if you don’t change. Has been changed to delete. Shanghai love think you are cheating.

this is a love of Shanghai recently K a stand group strict, please better avoid this problem promptly removed by K Links. After the site to Links check whether there have been K own site, 贵族宝贝check.linkhelper.cn/ detection method of input check your own domain name, the problem about timely treatment.


first right down signs which aspects? The first performance in the home is not the first, then this page is k off (love Shanghai find) again, do a period of time the keyword rankings are not confirmed the above website that has been a problem! You need to start the legislative measures to solve!

analysis is the precursor is right down:

site is K, there must be a reason why. Whether the operation problem of stationmaster itself, or IP, or search engine judgment error. The station was K on behalf of your website is not in the search results list the site down right generally reflected in the home is not the first, keywords ranking web site was K


new simple pseudo original ban. You can’t write no problem, not all let you write, but please ensure that each article has at least 100 more words you write, other content please high quality pseudo original, changed beyond recognition better. Please ensure that each article minimum 300 words, 500 words above. Your content is too rubbish, online everywhere you love Shanghai will not leave you in the Internet, it will think your website does not have what use, K fall is also normal.


estimates have encountered a lot of standing is down right ah, K off the home like a kind, may be we stand in the optimization of excessive, or love of Shanghai itself (such as server time synchronization error, such as IP and the same change link caused by K) these problems is normal this is Shanghai, the only way which must be passed, can that is not a webmaster is not good Webmaster Station K! K is just in accordance with the following methods within 30 days should be able to resume

in severe decline.Solution:

new forbidden to do a lot of the chain in the anchor text. The number of the anchor text in the less the more natural, less attention to your love in Shanghai. You in the chain and more, apparently deliberately do Shanghai Longfeng optimization keywords, with particular attention to the new station, within 4 months of the station is new sites. The new weight is not high, is to optimize the transfer behavior of deadly do a lot of the chain in the anchor text in the station. If you make it, please correct the


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