The site is linked to the horse do ranking recovery method

site is linked to the horse:

1. server vulnerabilities and attacks.

2.: modify the background account password general account and password as long as there is a complex line, of course, can also be modified at the same time. Set suggestion: don’t use pure numbers and letters, write letters + numbers + special symbol size is the most secure.

site was attacked and the horse is one of the leading causes of website ranking disappear, is also the most common reason. Recently, the server is always attack caused by a horse, the website ranking will disappear. Attention is not decreased, directly from the home page dropped to 100 after. Here to share with you is to solve the causes, methods and matters needing attention of the horse.

site was linked to horse analysis


2. site program defects attack.

server can have hundreds or even thousands of Web sites, so the server error probability is much less than the site. Most of the site was linked to horse are caused by the defect site procedures, any server on a website program problems may cause the server to all the sites to be attacked. Not only that, from the search engine rankings, if any one server on a site is K, all sites that this server will be implicated… (advice: if you have to make the site to select independent server). Although the server problems the probability is very small, but also can be a problem, after all, no problem is not the probability to say. In the purchase of space to choose relatively well-known authority service providers have more security, do not be cheap. Site safety critical defects, background account password. If the owners do not have safety awareness or for short enough, will set the account password is too simple, for example, some of the CMS system and the default account password is admin and 123456 respectively, such that even my rookie password can be cracked, not to mention special destructive expert. In addition to the background account password is also an important factor: Web application vulnerabilities. Emerge in an endless stream, in recent years a variety of powerful web site management system such as DEDECMS, imperial CMS, greatly saves the time and cost of the station, resulting in a large number of full network made by this website management system website. The fall, the more powerful system is widely used more easily become the object of study. This type of website loopholes, may lead to a large range of horse attack.


1. remove black chain: most of the sites are using the CMS system to do, pay attention to delete in the template to remove the black chain, or the website that static, there will still be a black chain.


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site was linked to horse in general there are two reasons:

3. if the site to do the CMS system, to update the background program in the first time, can guarantee the maximum net >

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