The ratio between the website and website competition should be elevated to the strategic level

and as a result, we can in the description inside play free learning stone fish this kind of words, free power is infinite, such as Taobao, QQ, 360.

actually I often say a website business is based on the company’s management level, and the direction of development of a company can be fully reflected in the website. So some people love their own company in Shanghai dragon outsourcing, personally think that is not very appropriate, because the Shanghai dragon service company is difficult to understand the products of your company, your situation in the industry, the development direction of the company to you, as well as timely and reasonable adjustments to the site. Of course between website and website competition is not only reflected in the Shanghai Dragon technology, more important is reflected in the business strategy of the competition, I recently on a proposal by the company, the following is good to you about this inside some of the site, you will know this is not the Shanghai dragon competition the technical level, it is the company and the company’s competitive strategy.

our company is doing the catering management training to join the business, so I see in the training market of a field we do not perfect, we should seize this opportunity. The training to do the best, and then guide the user to join us or to field training, because online things did not operate in real life so reliable after all. For example, I present in the network to check the stone fish training data, found writing things down is to find many, but the video content is not much, but the clarity is not good, not to mention what to explain this subtitle, belongs to that very not professional, because this type of operation what video more easily than written by the users of love. In this case, I suggest that we should make a free video training, but also can be said to be trying it. So this can be said to kill two birds with one stone, some housewives want to learn the stone fish to entertain guests or the Chinese Lunar New Year is a time for dinner, some students also try to learn the role of customer service, because we received a part of never engaged in catering to customers is a problem so that they don’t worry. Try to learn what is also given a certain.

so we spend invited professional video, video is very clear, and with the subtitle, explain various aspects also planned very carefully. At least I find the data point of view, the current video should be the best video. If people really want to learn the stone fish, that is not to find us. If we do the guidance in the content, we believe that as long as the join or field training this idea will think of our company, we will always remember that this is a content marketing era. Naked advertising era came to an end, although the short term may be some losses to the company, but in the long run it is good for the company, whether it is brand awareness or website traffic or website optimization is a great role in promoting.

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