The interpretation of junk the chain chain of judgment

2, through the webmaster service website chain formation, such as love, station sites such as CNZZ data page data query form if included, will form a chain of garbage.

In fact, there are a lot of

website garbage chain depth:

, the release of the chain, the chain of Shanghai love for most need to examine detection. The chain of garbage is automatically released love >

4, the garbage outside the chain of the site’s ranking no real influence, love Shanghai search engine shield outside the chain of these pages of voting rights. The reason of this chain will not be regarded as cheating link and affect to the site, in the eyes of the Dragon feather, because it is easy to manipulate and many links, links may not be to the site owners of their own construction, such as site A webmaster service a large number of search links, but not necessarily is the site of the A station your query form, which may be due to other webmasters in a search result learning website A, the survey site formed by the A query outside the chain, so the search engine to cancel this chain of voting rights, but not directly to the website A punishment is a very correct choice.

this is the comment of garbage chain distinction, the article focus on the description of no significance to the website to recommend to the site, not by intentionally making super chain, has been recognized as a chain of garbage. For example, a Chongqing website construction site, there is a pure text of the chain in a Chongqing community website, but not the Chongqing website construction company website owners deliberately stay in the community on the site, but the chain is not in the community website webmaster who give website recommendation, then this is the chain called the garbage chain.

3, the chain of garbage has been 98% love Shanghai recognition, the data is very wonderful, because of love of Shanghai did not say one hundred percent, 99% said not all recognized, and said the 98%, this shows that the data does not come out of thin air, in addition to the three kinds of waste in the form of the chain mentioned above, there are other the chain of garbage, and temporarily can not be love Shanghai automatic identification.

The interpretation of

"on the chain" to determine which said: "no significance on the web is not recommended, by intentionally making hyperlink to the site, including but not limited to: the search results page, a link webmaster server class website automatic production links, bad waste generated links cheating station automatic acquisition etc.. In this chain, 98% have been identified and we automatically filter in the link calculation, only this, under normal circumstances, will not have a direct negative impact on links to the website."

Search the first form

interpretation of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform LEE "on the chain" judgment, distinguish the garbage chain definition and scope, and love Shanghai give us examples etc..

1. chain of garbage in the results page from the link, this kind of existing tools that can negate the automatic production of the chain, because the production chain now exists

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