Like Han Xin The more, the better. website external links.

for the ordinary site, external links more is always better, of course, except that the above said, is a regular site links, then, even if it is some of the weight of a lot of forum or blog link, seemingly insignificant, but if the quantity is enough, enough large, the days and months multiplying it. The weight is not negligible. So, the amount of quality change, do not belittle these seemingly not worth mentioning the power to know the dripping water can wear stone

said this year as one day, nature is the webmaster do stand in time, for the website external links the attitude, three minutes of heat, still can stick to a years of tireless day and try to do some chain. A5 diagnosis optimization team often have some customer sites such a problem, the site built in the early, there are a number of external links increases every day, the site also has a rank, and the weight is good. But after a while and forgot about it like, months after the site outside the chain or stay back, without any increase, but sometimes reduced, keyword ranking also followed the decline or even disappear the website weight is Not the least trace was found., declining. When the site was ranked, the weight decreased, the webmaster anxious, do not know what the reason, then find the A5 diagnosis optimization team, but after a comprehensive diagnosis, but I have to admit that is caused by the stop of external links, this is a very painful thing, but if you want to once again let the website ranking of what is up, it is not an easy task, than the previous efforts of several times before, who let you missed the best time? Although the diagnostic effect of A5 is known, so many sites have been brought back to life, but also want to cooperate with you to continue to perform line.

rules in order to Cheng Fangyuan

The quality change of



site link building is a webmaster and have been trying to insist on trying to do, this is because the site keywords ranking of how external links played a decisive role, and whether the webmaster can insist on a day a year to go is the key, but there is a bit of a A5 diagnosis and optimization the group to remind the webmaster friends, although the website external links like Han Xin. The more, the better., but if you are a link to some illegal websites, and even some countries banned, the link of this web site, or rather not good, not good will only bring disaster to you, a website for your website is search engine punishment.

a year as the day of the execution of

have rules to Cheng Fangyuan this sentence in the website construction of the external links can also be used, not just any external links increase, although the more the better, but also must have their own standards, such as do a few links should be added to the site every day, which links to increase, what is the most helpful for. Your own website


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