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so we now analyze if you as a professional hospital for cervical spondylosis, but your competitors are all so little market share will be after you go to compete for this position, you don’t think you can go to

the word love Shanghai "cervical", professional may look at the word search "love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 100000000" (of course, today I just for example, the data is not correct) then you should optimize the coefficient of difficulty as can be imagined the word is, how slim.

?Why not choose the wrong input First, we can

today and we talk about experience drawn from life in the operation, we will go to the web site operators do understand competitors, how the enterprise website or peer portals have superior than you, no longer look beyond. For example, the medical industry, the first 20 pages are basically the same industry website optimization staff to do stand, how are the same medical company, so today we find from the slit in the survival of the coup.

written in the last tutorial: PS enthusiasts www.psahz贵族宝贝

search habits and competitor behavior analysis found that the original Gotou design, make manufacturers or companies or the medical industry will enter the correct "cervical" on the word, but through love Shanghai statistics and behavior analysis, 32% of users have been using typos "cervical cone" in fact, this is a very interesting thing, we love Shanghai "cervical cone" the keyword search volume: love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 382000

where a user can find your habits. So in the network there is no right or wrong thing, as long as the search rate into the sales rate, so the error is also a kind of means.

has said that the website optimization is website operation life in the attempt, after countless failures and success in return. In the us the wrong character input habits should not be difficult to see, so it is also a website optimization.

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