How to use a column page in each area keywords ranking


to do column page weight like a web page as it is not difficult, the difficulty is early we should establish their own station platform, like I do love Shanghai Post Bar, he is behind the bar like how to made the trip. Of course I’m late will continue to test the column page to do more in the ranking of the word, with reference: 贵族宝贝hzltwy贵族宝贝.cn/news/wan>


first, I do the site in the early stage, focus on the reasonable layout of the column page layout, and the difference is very big, is to speed up the weight behind the column page.

love the sea search: Liaoning Shanghai dragon, my column page row home page

love the sea search: Liaoning Shanghai dragon optimization, my column page row home page

is ranked in what I do with their Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station area, I believe we can see I just use a column page competition home page ranking, so how do I do it?

case for everyone to see my own website

love the sea search: Liaoning website optimization, my column page row home page



then, I have established their own love Shanghai Post Bar, like: Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon whole optimization, optimization services, love Shanghai keyword optimization these 3 Post Bar is created by me, the original establishment of Post Bar is also very clear, that Post Bar weight is very high, but need to keep up early, when a a certain amount of Post Bar fans and good interaction force, believe that this is Post Bar can bring promotion effect is very big, I just send an article about Shanghai Longfeng articles, second days will immediately appear in the Shanghai home of love.

for a long time did not come 5A webmaster submission, Shanghai dragon industry going through a lot of frustration, of course there are some achievements in the whole process. Today is to share the website column page how to do keywords in various parts of the rankings, I believe many of my friends will think this is not realistic, I agree that everyone express their views, the following is my experience of Shanghai dragon skills.

because we know, also issued an article, an article in a 1 of the weight of the site, a site in more than 3 of the weight of the effect, as we all know, is certainly high weight of the station sent the article to enjoy the love of Shanghai rapid ranking privilege, is this truth.

then, because I Post Bar these already mature, when the weight I can not website page, I usually go to their Post Bar in the hair of the chain, so the speed of love Shanghai trust in me this page, speed up the weight of this page.

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