And Shanghai dragon blog link exchange is very dangerous

said so much, just want to prove that Links in the importance of the construction of the chain as well as its important position. Let’s cut to the chase: and Shanghai dragon blog link exchange is a concrete manifestation of dangerous.

blog webmaster is too sensitive to

wise choice!Shanghai dragon blog administrator!

Shanghai dragon blog life cycle is very short

most of the Shanghai dragon blog life cycle is very short, not many webmaster can persist. For a variety of reasons: they may not clear positioning or because too much attention ranking irritable mentally and physically exhausted. There is invisible clear profit model to do Wangzhuan revision, such as Taobao and other guest site! I will not say more. This phenomenon is not talking about Wang Ze, this is the year I approximate "Shanghai Long Fengbo" career witness. (is my friendship in the connection of experience such as domain name expires, not to renew the acquisition made diverted garbage station, and some even do revision medical station!) and so this kind of exchange is not connected to Shanghai dragon blog

every industry each industry connection exchange principle, we all know friendship connection in the chain construction of Shanghai Longfeng effect is very obvious. A good friendship connection than hundreds of junk the chain effect too much. I believe that concern Google webmaster blog Chinese students should know that Google’s official blog and Zac Shanghai dragon blog is the exchange of friendship connection. At that time, Zac still used his company’s two directory blog, the domain name is Zac Shanghai dragon early 2011 before the opening of the first Zac in the old blog do ZhengZhan 301 jump and keep the space server running, so most of the weight transfer to the new domain name! May be for this reason is not to contact Google to chain the change to the new domain name! We through the Shanghai dragon Moz tool analysis, external Zac blog connection is Google’s highest weight on the

Shanghai dragon blog webmaster for the Shanghai dragon too sensitive! Some time ago I used the server is not very stable, the occasional problem causing the site to open a few hours. This is several hours, my friend has removed the link, make me laugh and cry! I should be happy for their work? Or should be * * * for their ignorance? In fact, this part of the webmaster just contact Shanghai dragon, so sensitive to the Dragon Phoenix too. Remember back when I first station, basically is to exchange connection but do not know what is outside the chain! But it was aware of the existence of the term Shanghai dragon, so the website title wrote that a complex, think that this is the Shanghai dragon. Then get traffic way in distress seeking website, then deeply understand truly to Shanghai dragon. In my opinion, the first to build the site in site operation process of learning Shanghai dragon is more natural in Shanghai.

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