Good corporate website open web links in a new window

The advantages and disadvantages of

in addition to non technical personnel or professional personnel, in fact, many users choose the most browsers are IE and >


took the male search habits in the mud (pictured above), to search for a keyword in the search engine, I will open about 5 or so "to see what I need, because some website for information is not comprehensive. So relatively speaking, more open several web page to view the information I need to see the web page of the comparison, more comprehensive and detailed, so that I can better solve the problems I meet.




disadvantages: too many windows open if the user must manually, one window closed, will feel tired and fatigue. If the site all the new window open, then the user is likely to open the 10, or even 20, if not promptly closed, so the viewer will not be able to enter the site, causing the site temporarily paralyzed.

as a small business website, included only hundreds of thousands of pages, this type of site in a new window open web links is not necessary. It is easy to affect the user experience, prone to boredom, now is the time of information age, no matter what things are fast, many people want to quickly find what you want, or interested in things, including me, are all have this kind of idea. Why small sites do not open the page in a new window for

hypothesis in the 5 site I open the page, a web page link in a new window display, then the web page of the article attracted me, related articles and caught my watch, I think these articles are likely to solve my problems. So, I will not hesitate to click again for this article as a reference. In the course of contacts, ten minutes to actually open the N multi window browser filled.

advantages: users can simultaneously browse multiple pages, very convenient, but if you browse similar pages, then the user will self contrast, is conducive to enhancing the conversion rate. Open new window, users generally do not immediately close the page, a new window and the old window will have traffic, enhance the PV value of the site, while reducing the bounce rate, which will increase the weight of the website.

opens a new window page:

may be affected by the portal and the shopping site, some enterprise website when the website also asked the station set to open the page in a new window. No one click navigation, we believe open a web page, and then, when users browse the site more than 10 minutes after imperceptibly, the browser window is full, then the page loading speed slow, traffic is also started card.

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