2012 mobile Shanghai Longfeng enlightenment



iPhone Siri and Android and the recent voice operation to provide users with a more direct way to get the answer, and in the mobile equipment production operations. As Google speech database action, I think, it will use the speech as a free / paid service action database login and buy online business users, it only needs to use a few words to say.

1, QR code



in the future, is expected to 2012 year, semantic search Web 3, greatly change the search engine optimization process, has nearly 40% Internet users use mobile devices to the Internet, this holiday is 2 times higher than usual users use mobile devices to visit my blog as a webmaster, you should not ignore the problem. Here I go on to the next for the coming year Shanghai dragon mobile optimized inspiration.


QR code popular due to a series of factors: intelligent mobile phone penetration and large-scale popularization, a large number of barcode scanning program is developed, and the increasing degree of social concern. The QR code image can be fast software identification, and can store more data, in 2011, there have been more and more QR code, also in the last year Lu Songsong blog also has its own QR code. This is very useful for mobile devices is not convenient to enter letters for. QR codes are now widely used in posters, magazines and TV programs.

2012 is a truly mature search marketing, mobile phone has become one of the biggest part of growth, the overall search market share has reached 20%. The emergence of mobile media, the search engine optimization more difficult.

finally, QR code will be connected to the offline advertising on URL more complex. In the Internet, which will lead to the search engines rely on text links and factors of production using QR code. Noble and Bing baby mobile users can directly access to this information, especially in the operating system of Android and Windows Phone are 7.

voiceIn 2012

will reduce the dependence on the text search and login, especially on mobile devices, voice search, voice typing gradually become mainstream.

I imagine that in 2012, three mobile type, and desktop, the search results will be different, de >

search will be further reduced to fragments in 2012, mobile search, itself has been dispersed type of equipment including feature phone, intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, each offering different results, not only between them, also with the desktop. But according to the current situation, mobile search and desktop search is not big difference.

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