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my road to micro business

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one of the agents followed me, just bought the house and was ready to get married in October. I’m glad,

07 years in a Chongqing art school after graduation, I have been operating the small advertising company, in the process of the practical experience of the practical problem of College Students’ entrepreneurship is difficult, the real build your own website in 2008 December, then Chinese is also affected by the financial crisis, I better go along the coast of entrepreneurial friends for years have returned to his hometown in Sichuan, through the chat with old friends, learn their way of life is actually eighty percent companies rely on the network client, because of my friend in Dongguan is mainly the website construction and open shop like business, there are nearly 6 years of experience in seo. He runs hundreds of websites, and has built nearly a thousand websites for clients in different industries. He has become a very good Internet company in Dongguan. He said " network sales and service is also in the mainland market, the early development of the coastal area is a microcosm of the mainland opportunities, will be competing in some industries understand SEO are still a minority, but SEO’s experience is more to do their own station to understand and summarize the network on a lot of experience is not necessarily yes, for example, in my experience, how to change the title of title will not be down right? If the site keywords ranking, which means that the weight is very high, the title should be a word carefully, such as the sh419 update once you change a word, so the effect will be better. I personally experienced, basically does not affect the ranking. This is mainly used in the title of the company name change, or some of the long tail keywords renamed.


has been doing this piece of the Internet, and then did not open the Taobao store, I regret it, but now the micro era, I think the opportunity has come.

so in my friend’s guidance, I built a hand-painted wall site, first of all know the importance of choosing a domain name, if your keywords can be made to remember the domain name itself, such as the United States and the United States is also very good, I will use the hand-painted wall keywords hand-painted wall Pinyin shouhuiqiang domain name, as for select the suffix is what, in my opinion com/net/org/cn/com.cn/ are available, when I check the shouhuiqiang only net and org suffix available, I chose net, org is less than a month has been registered by others, I should have had two are registered, because from the sh419 index at ", " hand-painted wall; search volume in about 450 people, the second is hand painted murals, before sh419 algorithm of keyword Pinyin combination station has more advantages compared with other similar point now, according to SEO Professionals said the domain name and the SEO is not too much contact, but a feature of domain name is the biggest to remember.

in fact, we all feel that doing micro business moves will make money very good, really comfortable, I want to tell you, if you want to succeed, do anything to adhere to, to persist in the end, never give up.

six months ago, when playing WeChat, always found a lot of information about the sale of things, and sometimes point in to see, have their own needs, but also began to buy, the first to buy is Thailand cosmetics. Have a chat with friends, he said to do micro business, own a month to earn a few thousand dollars, and then chat with a net friend, she in a month in five, the six digit, I counted six digits to 100000. feel they are too powerful, really envy you. Think of me at that time, go to work every day, and have to work, and have to control the child. Pretty tired. Earn thousands of dollars a month. But also home loans, coupled with the cost of children, simply moonlight family.

hit me a little bit this time. I think I can’t miss the micro business this time. In March this year, friends introduced Jane pharmacy toothpaste, I feel this is a FMCG, and manufacturers and direct contact, the price is not high, regardless of age, men and women, the crowd is huge.

began to do not know so much bleeding gums, this toothpaste is for bleeding gums developed… We are a little toothpaste can do this now, in fact, we just put the user experience first, let us buy a try, after use feel good effect to us agent. And we also do invalid refund this point. So the user is very relieved.

space, I choose to be independent of the IP space in fact for the virtual IP, the independent in a dedicated online website or software can check the space operators placed hundreds of webstie in a IP host, the search engine will find it very troublesome to order A-Z included and update your station, looking for the time you have to slow others alone "

I summed up a few points, do micro business, first of all to choose on the home, there is a good team, you can learn a lot of things. The second is to choose good products, good products, you can get everyone’s approval.

slowly, I began to start the Jane pharmacy toothpaste, do half a year, with dozens of agents, income, but also from the original several thousand to tens of thousands.. Increase slowly. This is not a long time, but I learned a lot, and more importantly, there are dozens of agents, small partners, along the way, thank them for their support and trust.

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