The acquisition of 7 companies in 2016 the huge loss of 80 million the Great Wall animation only 1 p

, a team Leader is really essential, but the Leader needs to work with other members, rather than high on the ground, to make a general direction and put one in front of other team members

1. doesn’t tell the difference between a team and a company

the following seven "counts" is only a writer from a test point of view, there is a description of the wrong, please ignore.

2014 since the end of the backdoor listing, the company has acquired 7 animation and game companies, intends to open a publication from the IP to the original creative animation, games, animation or game to high-quality derivative product sales, and the line field experience of the entertainment industry chain.

a lot of creative ideas, if put into practice, will experience many unexpected setbacks, a start-up company may initially only 35 people composed of an entrepreneurial team. In an entrepreneurial team with only a few or more people, many resources are limited to some extent.

worked as a business in the mobile Internet company testers, the author experienced a lot of entrepreneurial projects, but also with the cooperation of every hue entrepreneurs over a period of time, which also insight into the attitudes of some Internet startups or entrepreneurial team treated products. It’s worth reading for beginners.

I have been studying the Great Wall animation, there is a problem still didn’t understand the 11 animation company itself is not in the real profit, acquisitions, and no real money to support them to continue to develop, will not put in there, it had received what it do? "One in the animation industry for many years the people of Hunan, expressed his confusion to the entertainment capital.

, Leader, and Boss may be the obvious difference between an entrepreneurial team and an entrepreneurial company.


worked as a business in the mobile Internet company testers, the author has experienced a lot of entrepreneurial projects, but also with the cooperation of every hue entrepreneurs over a period of time, some of which have an insight into the attitudes of Internet startups or entrepreneurial team treated products.

strange thing is, although the acquisition of several companies performance is far worse than expected, but did not stop the Great Wall animation continue to buy, buy, buy. Preliminary statistics, the Great Wall animation has acquired and are acquiring a total of 11 companies.

Behind the huge loss of

may be a team member to complete two or three normal personnel to complete work, and as a member of the co-founder of several start-up team in the early years of the project and have a strict relationship between superior and subordinate not. So it can be said that in the early stages of an entrepreneurial project, passion and shared dreams sustain the team. When it comes to an entrepreneurial company, many of the problems that arise in a team of several people can emerge, and these problems can even have a profound impact.

is a good idea, but the reality is the face pops. The latest announcement shows that the acquisition of 7 companies in a bet on the results of the 5 companies, including 4 in 2016 did not complete the bet, 1 barely completed; another 2 no agreement on gambling companies, of which 1 bogged down in the quagmire of losses.

, and the company money to buy buy buy strategy has a close relationship.

as a business team of Leader, not only to point out the direction for the whole team, but also with members of the joint efforts of the team, the team continue to encourage each other, all members work together. After all, a team at the beginning of the business is to rely on the passion and dream to support everyone continues to go down, which ultimately from angel funds support, but the whole team needs to have a common goal.

entertainment is small performance loss, for the acquisition of companies and other issues, called the Great Wall animation, call several times before being answered, the person who answered the phone said, secretaries are not in place, it is not convenient to answer questions. Announcements, the Great Wall anime secretaries, deputy general manager Zhao Lu has resigned in January 2017, the current chairman Zhao Ruiyong concurrently secretaries.

Hao throw 1 billion buy 7 companies only 1 performance standards, the Great Wall animation bursts of apology announcement

, this is known as the "Oriental Disney" the Great Wall animation, in 2016, that is, after the listing of third years to hand over the transcripts.

there are many successful entrepreneurial team created by the user favorite products, but have to say, some may be called "common" problem still exists in many domestic venture companies. The following seven "counts" do not exist in all entrepreneurial teams, but also the author’s true feelings about the entrepreneurial team as a tester.

net loss of 80 million 630 thousand,

as one of the A shares a few animation company, the Great Wall animation from the 2014 net profit of 74 million 730 thousand yuan, to 18 million 390 thousand yuan in 2015, then to 2016 net profit losses, how fast the speed of decline in performance.


November 2014, the Great Wall animation released the acquisition plan, intends to 10.>


epitaxial growth through mergers and acquisitions and many companies, typically the games listed companies palm interested in science and technology, public listed companies such as blue cursor. And frequent mergers and acquisitions, in the outside world, itself is a naked capital operation game.

Since the

the Great Wall animation integration greatdreams cartoon, with "

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