How to develop website market analysisEnumerate those more than 20 successful T elite

many people feel out of the Internet are young, successful, very envious and surprise, for example, when the 20 year old Zuckerberg Facebook, then at home, right now, what are the IT elite or a more than 20 year old young man, I think a really is not too much. Today, we introduce one by one, but also to increase their own power point ~

is operation or to analysis and practice analysis.

, your company,

  the question we mentioned earlier is only a starting point. Your network development orientation, in fact, these ask yourself one, these questions can only be corresponding to a reference, really

Lining, founder of Made CEO, 24 years old this year, this is all I can think of the most successful entrepreneurs, young IT, Made is the one who sells the furniture on the Internet website, simply from the China custom furniture, and then sold to foreigners, they are said to be a year in 2011 grew 600%, 2010, by Lining his online "IKEA" Made boarded the "time" magazine.

Q. Let the client define what you do on the network, and let the client trust you. This allows you to tap deeper into the customer’s needs for product transformation.

1. what is your company’s historical background?

Xu Le, Jule tour CEO, 28 years old this year, Jule tour is a mobile phone game company, the most famous game is a "zombie farm", do not know if you played? But the company seems to be just a game company, not their own development, I estimate the zombie farm in the country should have about 4 million of the users.

, and the Internet’s huge customer source, is your market for the first land. Here are some of the related questions:

here are 3 basic questions:


‘s interests are a fundamental source of your grasp of the market.

Wang Yue, 28 years old this year, Kai Ying network CEO, Kai Ying network is a SNS game everyone online service providers, there is a game called "building a", I played two times, is that they do, Kai Ying network operations SNS games and "dinosaur era", "single the apartment", "pet war" and "three card", "hot blooded pirate king", "what" three "," world "," Shushan legend "," brave soul". " >

3. customer needs your product is what happens, and how do you describe your product to customers?

2. confirms that your product is unique in the network If there is the same product, then what kind of service does the competitor provide? How do you improve?.

 : using internet marketing is one of the biggest essential elements of your product in the network. Clearly define your sales approach, which is aimed at those customer groups and analysis of product area differences,

1. what kind of products do you sell online?

has hundreds of thousands of new web sites on the web every week, including yourself and possibly one of them. So how did you find it on thousands of websites? And how do you do unique service websites?   the most important thing is to identify the direction of your unique website. Push your own hub including products and services to the Internet market. Separate operations and list related competition. Here are a couple of related questions.

2. you >

Gu Zhicheng, 27 years old this year, cool disk and founder of CEO, cool disk is one of the representatives of the domestic cloud storage products, the current registered users in about 10 million, but SkyDrive is now very competitive, for HUAWEI, sh419, Jinshan, in hope, cool disk can have the last laugh, it is worth mentioning that Gu Zhicheng is also one of the founders, storm.

if you combine the last three lines to the answer, then your network market positioning is also an important position.

network market theme development issues list

Shu Yi, 27 years old this year, force the United States advertising CEO, force the United States is an advertising agency WAP WAP website, the website is generally considered to be the extension of the WWW website, did not expect the same website platform advertising does not extend down the world, there are always people who can make a fortune in unexpected places.

price, how to implement price differences in network advertising. How to collect relevant product clues?. Each region has different markets, and there is no lack of a good market. Mastering the market

finds your location on the network,

Lv Changcheng, the CEO, a 27 year old grass collection is a cosmetic brand, the Lu the Great Wall as IT people, because the main sales channels integrating is by Taobao this kind of e-commerce platform, I don’t know much about cosmetics, so I don’t know why the grass collection from the A new force suddenly rises.. The view of electronic commerce, grass collection still has two prominent characteristics, is a large-scale user trial, two is a flat distribution channels.

        the rootcauses said problems or escape from yourself to the problem faced by the enterprise, we list a series of customer of your company your website for some common suspected

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