Tencent 15th anniversary, Ma Huateng pointed out the 7 road of the futureOn some Wangzhuan feelings

along the way, not a spot of words can be said clearly. To walk the road of formal Wangzhuan, October in the 08 year, the net profit first built day. Site no flow, no downline, no technology, do not understand SEO optimization. Some novice may not imagine how I get up every little bit Wangzhuan flow, every day with a dozen Wangzhuan forum, crazy post top stick to publicize their site. One hour is 4 hours. Every day for forty days. Can flow or not go up?. Some referrals click on the station he looked all the sad, most people are only about 20. That’s the result of posting 4 hours a day,

good afternoon, everyone. It’s been very hard to keep up with it. But like all the friends here, I feel very excited about the whole afternoon. Here we see a lot of cutting-edge scientific ideas and new technologies, including an imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style, I think I and my friends are shocked, so I’m waiting in the background when I do not want to lose even one piece.

"fear": in the face of the future of the Internet, no business is easy. A year and a half ago, NOKIA couldn’t imagine why had fallen so fast that the company with a market capitalization of 200 billion euros ended up selling only $about 7000000000. A little careless will fall, the giant falls, the body temperature is still warm. No one had thought that Kodak would go bankrupt, and blackberry would not be able to sell. When it comes to Tencent, Ma Huateng said that while getting tickets for the mobile Internet, it may not be able to get to the finish line.

can be said, so in Wangzhuan group, day to earn net group is the most active, because I always make friends and chat for more than six or seven hours, and then guide the novice make friends. Although tired, but I know a lot of friends, of course, also met a few beautiful MM. Talking to friends is always fun. In their eyes, I may be regarded as a successful webmaster, but I know that I am still one hundred and eight thousand miles behind the success.

forum and I have participated in many industry forum has a big difference, we rarely talk about business or some competition between companies and so on, and I used to play a lot of this forum a >

maybe, after today, I will continue to work hard, everyone has the mood of loneliness, but they will pass. Here I hope every walk the road Wangzhuan friends, are able to adhere to. Do Wangzhuan, not only by the enthusiasm can do, because you can not every day with your passion and enthusiasm, the time will be less and less, only mechanical to do things every day.

below is Ma Huateng’s speech at the WE conference in November 10th:

in this way, the net traffic flow from the initial dozens to hundreds, and then to thousands. Today, although a little achievement, I know this is inseparable from the support of making friends. I go to the foreign forum every day to find a good project and update it in time. So you can grab the opportunity to search engine, make friends search new projects, it is easy to find the day to earn net.

do this or not, so I think, good word competition is too fierce, better than long tail word, although the flow is very little, but if I insist on writing 1000 original, each to bring 2 IP, that is 2000 IP. And then open their own blog, cited traffic, because the optimization of the blog relative to the site is much simpler, the weight is also high.

can’t go on like this, and in the end there’s only one end. So began to learn some website optimization knowledge, see a lot of data, A5, outdated, Adsense station is my place to visit. Time and again in the past more than a month. At the same time, try to optimize the day to earn net, starting from the free Wangzhuan, best performance is sh419 third. Too little traffic, only by this a key day can only bring dozens of IP, because the free Wangzhuan index only about two hundred.

in the WE conference, Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng as the finale guest published a report entitled "to the Internet seven signs of the future": Connecting everything, Internet plus, open cooperation, consumer participation in decision-making, data resources, become the tide of courage, connecting all risks. This is called "horse seven" record was widely broadcast, but from the new perspective, Ma Huateng is just the current Internet revolution is summarized, but his speech revealed the fear of the future of the Internet love and a sense of crisis afraid makes people worried.



: "love" in the Internet changes everything, from the tool into the mainstream economy, "Internet plus" innovation emergence. Combination of Internet and communication, Internet and electricity providers combined, Internet plus finance; the Internet from people connected, and gradually extended to connect people, people and equipment and service connection. Before the Internet is known as the new economy, in fact, the Internet has become a mainstream economy.

perhaps the reason why we widely spread this "7 horses" is that, in the face of the surging Internet revolution, "love and fear" is the choice we have not chosen.


was suddenly in a jam today and thought he’d just started building the meeting……

, give yourself some faith. Believe in yourself every day to have a new progress, to treat Wangzhuan with a common heart. < >


November 10th, a day before the 15th anniversary Tencent, the Tencent held a WE conference in Shenzhen, the CF TED conference conference, to talk about business, not to talk about the competition, only talk about a powerful and unconstrained style idea ", after the media lamented the" far "from the TED conference, but did not put a the company’s 15th anniversary celebration into industry stock celebration and a founder of the God, is also a kind of progress.

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