Shielding price GG advertising, increase the GG advertising unit priceGuess, guess the new version o


masking method is simple, landing Adsense background, into the Adsense settings – competitive ad filter, add the domain name into it.

intends to cooperate, please contact :389432183



GG advertising low price is mostly using GG GG advertising promotion to make the difference, there is a free film and video dating advertisements. Especially movie and dating advertising is especially easy to produce invalid clicks. These advertisers use various keywords, their advertising display on our website because they. Our advertising, click on price becomes very low. The first is a list of my shield:

guess guess caiacai is a puzzle game to guess, the main entertainment website!

in order to better the development of the website, now guess guess new online occasion! For the vast numbers of Adsense looking for monthly advertising position!

the specific price for traffic sites varied with different types!

relevant information:

requirements web site:
1, type: content positive! Non professional types and entertainment sites are preferred!
2, ranking < 8W
3, day IP> 10W
4; have a good character webmaster

generally speaking, many friends station, the host domain name station’s unit price is very low. GG low price advertising more and more, these stations are mostly selling virtual products, and some is to promote Firefox, domain name more use such free domain name, also have some two level domain name.

these GG ads, adsence deceptive free advertising, part of the online collection, and the other part of their own, and I hope to help everyone. shlf1314 doesn’t care, so let’s be self-sufficient.

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