Grassroots webmaster cock silk specialization, why lose very miserablyTo spend $125 million on CSCO


CISCO is responsible for networking and application of business senior vice president Ron · Trollope Rowan Trollope wrote in a blog post, CISCO decided to acquire MindMeld, intent to experience disappointments in many robots, to improve their products.

MindMeld was founded in 2014, and its technology can help people create artificial intelligence assisted man-machine dialogue interface. The 10 patents in MindMeld’s technology and its artificial intelligence and depth learning areas will be used to improve CISCO collaboration services, Cisco, Spark, and CISCO’s other collaborative products.

‘s CISCO collaboration software rivals include Microsoft’s Microsoft, Teams, shlf1314’s Hangouts, Chat, and Slack.

was also a grassroots copycat mobile phone paradise, launch a variety of copycat mobile phone super function, with the price advantage gained a large number of grassroots favor, however, the popularity of smart mobile phone two years later, in a large number of copycat mobile phone manufacturers have disappeared, according to incomplete statistics, copycat mobile phone manufacturers peak of more than 6000, and now less than 800. The number and group purchase website so close, similar, some experts predict that in the next five years, copycat machine will disappear, but the word will continue to copycat products of another popular Internet! < / p>

grassroots webmaster is cock wire, this is beyond doubt. If you want a website based on the Internet, grassroots webmaster into "God" can, "God" is a scarce animal, everyone in the self styled grass root of the Internet era, grassroots specialization often fail miserably, why is this

, last fall, launched a platform that could be used to create robots and intelligent voice assistants.

many grassroots webmaster, at first, the site involves a certain field, more or less to eat a little sweet, so began to site industrial operation, here is the most typical self built Adsense group, since >

‘s most recent two years for grass root commendable entertainment as belonging to the Zhejiang satellite TV "The Voice of China", "The Voice of China" launched this year, major websites are fully prepared, in the 123 home, there will be a good sound word news, and video Sohu is more billion yuan at high prices buy a good voice network broadcast rights, KuWo time for each set of good sound album, update, however, with the closed in October 1st last four players Zhang Hengyuan, "The Voice of China" gradually close to the end of the second quarter, many netizens said the sound less memorable highlights. The song is little, even many are dancing reading a good voice, this file once grassroots counter attack reality show is going to the professional stage, contestants are almost "insiders", the Effect of continuous decline, novelty, said a series of factors as solid as rocks shady prevails, programming leads to the decline of the voice.

grassroots webmaster as long as the master of SEO optimization technology, can sh419 ranked first, this looks very beautiful logic so many grassroots webmaster to shed blood, throw the head, the final rush on like a swarm of hornets, only SEO was characterized as a way of website optimization, and can not, and the search engines in order to prevent the webmaster malicious site optimization, constantly modify the search engine rules, in fact, it is not difficult to understand, to sh419 as an example, a page on the ten website, to leave some place for promotion, leaving several positions to their products, to leave some place for large sites, actually leave the grassroots the location of the website is not much, grassroots webmaster professional national grass root SEO, no matter how superb techniques, is actually a rush that only 2-3! Think about it, so few seats, Even if you have Sun Wukong seventy-two in vain, after all the discourse power in the hands of a few strong Wukong, could not escape the Buddha’s palm

wrote in his blog: "the application of messages and the subsequent dialogue, the emergence of robots, has led to the emergence of a large number of robots that speak less natural language.". They can make a default response, but when they try to do something semi unstructured and make them do something, the experience is bad, frustrating and very inhumane. The introduction of the MindMeld team into CISCO is a huge leap forward and will help our customers experience the next generation of interactive human computer interface."


, its API Application Programming Interface development platform, was first released in 2014 by MindMeld and has been used by more than 1200 companies around the world in. MindMeld’s customers and investors include shlf1314, Samsung, Intel, Telefonica, Liberty, Global, and the American International Data Group IDG.

May 12th news, according to the U.S. technology blog site VentureBeat reported that CISCO announced today, plans to spend $125 million acquisition of artificial intelligence AI startups MindMeld.

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