See the piercing eye of Swindlers CompanyNew advertising styles for shlf1314 AdSense for content

5, is expected to pay the standard site within 30 days, even the daily gain much, can do! Because individual income is small, but you can register a company like you Many a little make a mickle. you need to pay less income, less labor. Even if the company runs, you don’t lose much.

7, do not make exquisite website, do not try! Really powerful, reputable company, the web is its face, that is, its image, is not careless.


shlf1314 AdSense AdSense the number of days before the recommendation seems to be a problem, only the text link can display, button image advertising has not shown, finally in August 5th back to back to normal.

Simon report recommended link 2 after revision, and now found a little different, now recommend advertising presentation and not the same as before, AdSense will be too large advertising image, as long as the blue arrow will move the mouse to the bottom right of the image display.

, according to incomplete statistics, in the Swindlers Company Wangzhuan company of not less than 80%, many websites acannibalistic, in vain for you. It is after clicking off, how sad it is. !

shlf1314 AdSense recommends connecting 2.0.2?

Undue delay may bring trouble.! 2,

6, as long as the discovery of billing problems, the site will be immediately closed, it is 100% liar,

to official blog does not publish news Simon not AdSense what to write? Of course not, Simon and shlf1314 on draft AdSense offline success rate of shlf1314 conversion inference, AdSense recommended to introduce 2 more links… shlf1314 AdSense theme of the article is not. Recently, I have been busy making web pages of AGLOCO and Text-Link-Ads, placing them in sub domains and making AGLOCO Chinese recommendation advertising icons. Of course, there is no need to stroll around the website, stroll around Simon, found a new AdSense, for, content new advertising style, also found that shlf1314 AdSense recommended link 2, and revised.

a feeling is often very effective problem site should be closed immediately, without mercy, even where you have not yet cashed the money, don’t give up or you feel pity, only deeper.

10, fees are not allowed to enter the site, do not spend money to buy what member and golden membership qualifications. If you want to go, I want to tell you, ensure the dead state hard! Whether foreign or domestic company alliance, I want to tell you, as long as the charges, no matter how much, no matter how it is absolutely cheater company style. No matter how it blows perhaps one as if it were raining flowers! Can profit from, as the year of the rat. Miles is a hoax, but in the end, the chances of your success is zero, do not believe you.

3, more reference to successful people to make money experience, to join the site they recommend, you can reduce the process of groping, to achieve twice the result with half the effort. At the same time, should also be sharing their compatriots to success and failure, gain and loss of money. It seemed, a revolution of

4, the average daily income of less than $0.1, while the minimum payment standard is more than $10 sites, it is best not to do. In other words, if you don’t expect to pay a standard within 100 days, even a "good reputation" will be shut down, because the risk of doing such a thing is too great and bad. If you run, you’ll lose a lot of money. Reputable companies today, who can guarantee that it will be tomorrow? Not to say that

, who is 1, any website media listed in the "black list" of the site do not do, do not have any illusions! These are the past, don’t expect you will encounter a miracle, we should be in pain, let crooks forever.



The last time the

Simon’s ad wasn’t the way the ads looked, but the ads in AdSense for content were different from the usual ad groups. This new style of advertising shlf1314 advertising signs with the general under different, it is in the advertisement above, in the ad group and no differences are the title, advertising, web site, but more than one estimate is similar to the link text ads group below.

9, ambiguous, no specific payment commitments, measures of the site do not enter,


recently released shlf1314 AdSense official blog not what news, only released several successful cases with all optimization sub station to these sites, Simon also translated one on the forum to optimize the success of -MegaGames forum.

8, and sometimes inaccessible sites are closed, the truth is the same as above, good companies will naturally do their own web page protection work, will not easily be hacked.

AdSense for content new advertising style


has not seen any official news about the link group’s ad built into the AFC ad, Jensense, a blog that has a AdSense gossip, and hasn’t released any news about it.



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