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domestic bean fruit food, the kitchen also provides similar functions, but also launched their own mobile phone applications for users to use, but no Gojee so naked gorgeous.

although I have been on the Internet for five or six years, I have only one and a half years to open a Taobao store. First of all, I now earn 10000 yuan per month through Taobao. I believe this is one of the goals of many Taobao stores. Of course, to achieve this goal, I am extremely happy, at least in their own Taobao career, but also to a higher level. Here’s a screenshot of last month’s earnings:



TECH2IPO had previously reported on Gojee, an online service offering personalized recipes, which completed $4 million in financing for two rounds.



now this "gorgeous" delicacy formula for the iOS launch service iPad& iPhone and mobile Android applications, also inherited the gorgeous characteristics of all time, UI and its interaction with the exquisite, every picture is like a professional photographer shot out of the. Mobile version optimized for small screen, iPad version closer to the traditional version of PC experience.

2, a small number of people set up shop selling some unpopular goods, such as: virtual goods, design services and so on. Reason: small market, little competition. This is a man who doesn’t play by the rules. Whether it’s new stores or old shops, more than 90% of them have made money and made progress.

used to describe a gorgeous delicacy to hit the site is not a little to convey? But I first glance Gojee head out to see the word, exquisite pictures, interactive design. If I leave food alone, I think I’ve been to a photography site.

any money making project just started, some people will make a lot of money, but as time goes on, slowly, the market will have more and more competition. That’s why so many friends now find it difficult for Taobao to open a shop. So how can you have your niche in such a big competition now that you need a different understanding of Taobao?. Well, maybe everyone has his own opinion about the Taobao store. I will tell you how I through the Taobao shop monthly income of 10000 yuan.

since we need different understanding, then we can’t play the game. Well, I understand this:


so what if I do? Many friends might have some questions: "it’s not too late to open a Taobao store now." I can definitely tell you this question: "it’s not too late.". So why do many friends shop halfway? Of course, there are many reasons. Although it is not open late, but not to say: open shop can make money! So what can a monthly income of 10000? Of course there is a skill of

two points above, it is easy to see how we should choose our products. Then we will certainly choose the small market, small competition goods. Why? A lot of people ask, why is the market small to do, the market is not doing it, then I’ll explain to you:

1, most people shop, sell clothes, shoes and other mainstream merchandise. Selection reasons: large market, large demand. It’s a common sense. Novice friends choose these mainstream products, and now more than 90% of the people eventually give up. Then these people think: Taobao shop is difficult to open.

they spend so much time on design that they seem to want the user to feel the taste of the video as much as possible through the screen, and then have the urge to cook. This is a good example.

customers can choose recipes or Beverage Recipes by choosing what they have. You can look at what’s in the fridge first, and then check what you can do on the Gojee. Gojee also allows users to choose "dislike" or "super love" for each ingredient, and then recommend more targeted recipes based on the preferences of their customers.

Hello, everyone. I’m an old friend of yours. I believe the friend who sees this article is similar to me, also is a person who hopes to do his own career in Taobao. If you are not in the Taobao store in the monthly income of 10000 yuan, so please take a few minutes to read this article carefully. Will certainly help you in the process of opening a Taobao shop.

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