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"Huffington post" is one of the five most popular news sites in the United States, and is the most famous political blog site in the United States, attracting about 25 million readers from around the world every day. Its founder, Arianna, ·, MS Huffington had an early political experience, and has been active in the political arena of the United states. Arianna · when she was 55 years old, founded the Huffington post, which won the news prize in the year of 2012 and had a huge impact on the industry. MS Huffington is 64 years old today still charge at the forefront of media development, and actively promote the "Huffington post" in Chinese landing, worthy of the title of the global women entrepreneurs model.

May 20, 2015 -5 21, sponsored by the Alibaba group, the global conference of women entrepreneurs in Hangzhou landmark building – Huanglong hotel. The conference gathered including the new media queen Arianna · Huffington, the British ambassador Wu Baina, executive director of UN women Phumzile Ms. Mlambo-Ngcuka, Goldman Sachs Group Vice Chairman and chairman of Asia Pacific Mr. Schwarcz. Observer network was invited to participate in the conference and reported the whole.


The May 20th

Conference on the first day, the new media queen Arianna · Huffington made a keynote speech "the success of the third large scale at the conference" (see attachment), and after the meeting accepted the observer network and other media interview.

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in MS. Huffington on women in the workplace how to coordinate the life and work of opinions, the observer network first in the conference site for Ms. Huffington to ask questions: how to treat the reddit editor Ellen Pao sued her old employer (sued Kai Penghua surplus sex discrimination lawsuit) the failure of Silicon Valley? How to overcome straight cancer? (observer network note: senior partner Ellen Pao, previously served as the KPCB partner on the other but was later kicked out of negative evaluation. In May 10, 2012, Pao filed for "sex discrimination" lawsuit, Kai Penghua Ying sued to court, but eventually lost Ellen.


Arianna · Huffington: just as the queen of Holland mentioned in the video message that sexism continues to exist, although we have made great efforts. For me there are basically three things, one is the institutionalization of gender discrimination, because when we mentioned women and men, we still use different words, if it is a very successful man, then you think your daughter should marry him. If a woman has a strong sense of career, you think she’s too tough. So in our minds, as I said just now, these two thoughts, there are two voices in the battle, we want to see

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