Black brother 8 kinds of profiteering methods to uncover the Standing GroupResult 99read increase Co

members of the League:

is mainly aimed at some relatively huge profits, such as color _ tickets, tickets, _ shares outside the _ hanging and other words, almost a field so popular long tail keywords have been occupying the same station group, and then jump directly to the target web site, according to the daily import flow quantity to charge, because the traffic is very high commercial value, so the current using this mode of operation of the standing people very much, at present has grey properties are almost occupied the station group.

at the end of 2010, the station group become the hottest topic in the SEO sector, the reason is a large number of keywords are profiteering stations occupied, station group model to make money or very huge profits, it is very fast, it results in a month, the money is very fast and very natural profits.

four, do shlf1314 AdSense

99read from today January 15, 2008 18:00 onwards, in the CHANet results network to increase Commission activities extended to January 22, 2008 24:00

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rental advertising this model similar to join site in investment, is to use the station group all the long tail keywords in a certain industry are occupied, all flow into a site, the site is similar to join the site to merchants, divided into many small picture ads and text ads, and then through the rental of these ads a profit. Keywords this kind of mode is generally very huge profits, such as the color of _ tickets are almost the profitable keywords.

content: the alliance to improve rebates to 15%

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this is the most popular station group profits, general station group do a trade, occupy a certain industry, so industry station shlf1314 keywords, due to high cost, so it has been the main profit model stations, there are a lot of people doing.

three, rental advertising bit

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one, sell traffic

group does not operate all, first, the initial needs of a certain amount of investment, space, domain name, station group software, these are not a small investment, usually around a few thousand dollars. Second, need very strong executive power operation station, the execution is not strong, it is likely that all investment in money before they have been cast to waste. So we should be friends operation station, first look at their financial capacity and execution, where black brother also summed up the current mainstream station group profits, they hope to prepare operation station group of friends open Wangzhuan ideas.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: chanet.cn

five, do pop League

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.


this is an early profit model for station groups, very few people currently

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stations do Taobao guest is popular for nearly a year, mainly for some profits products, such as diet, freckle, acne, breast enhancement products, using a single page with stations to operate, every single page write three high conversion long tail keywords, and then use the advantages of these stations, single page optimization to realize the passive income, at present a lot of popular long tail words, sh419 home almost all stations occupied, such as L-carnitine is a typical example.


two, Taobao

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