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1, junior team, do not choose a highly specialized field

drops, excellent step, show affection, China shares a preemptive. So, back to the music as the easy to car what action? Yes, he also want to finance 4 billion, into the new board,

valuation of 17 billion yuan, intends to finance 4 billion easy to plan to be listed next year, three new board

survey found >

, first of all, say what our project does, and we want to combine tea with tea culture and promote it to the whole country. In our view, the current domestic in addition to Guangdong province, urban leisure dining is almost monopolized by western style food and beverage, Cantonese style tea is almost a blank market. It is in this environment, stepped into the restaurant where the pits are everywhere.

relay UBER, easy to use 150% charge back waves extinguished high car, 50% cash back +100% eco gift." In the "drop" and "excellent step" announced the merger, many consumers worried that the cost of car travel will be due to lack of subsidies and high, in August 3rd, "market second" easy to car launched a strong intensity of preferential activities.

according to media reports, easy to use vehicles are about to announce a new round of financing plans, plans to finance 4 billion, the subscription threshold of 50 million yuan and above. Informed sources said the fund-raising mainly for operating subsidies, marketing and ecological collaboration, platform building and background system optimization and supplement four aspects of liquidity. At the same time, easy to dismantle the VIE back to the domestic capital market structure go forward with great strength and vigour, to be held next year listed on the new board, the future with its gradually achieve profitability may also choose the way to login via IPO or backdoor A stock market.


, I haven’t slept nearly this week. Every midnight to sit on the roof, often this time will remember this year to experience the scene, or thought to want to write this article, is to review this year, is still on the same business friends and watch some.

began in 2014, the rise of the new food and beverage brands, also let my heart itch, after a series of more professional market research is not professional, jump jumped into the food and beverage industry in the wave at that time anyway feel regressed donghonghong, now it seems that idiot fool.

may everyone if not Cantonese do not know what this is, this can ask the next degree of mother, it is not specific explanation. In general, Cantonese teas are very demanding for raw materials, chefs, and floor services. Hundreds of raw materials, seventy or eighty models, regularly launched new products, add water and tea, a variety of details. For we just entered the catering industry rookie, is a big problem.

although I considered entrepreneurial veterans, has several years of business experience, but in the catering industry is a trainee, the whole team is to do marketing and the Internet was born, little is known about the food and beverage industry. In this case, we have also chosen to be the most professional area in the catering industry: Cantonese tea.

my name is Dai Chen. I’m the founder of a teahouse. I am now lying on the roof of the roof, the last recall of this bitter force of the year, lost about two million, the loss of their money, not investors,

easy to use car founder Zhou hang, can be regarded as the earliest car market entrepreneurs. In 2010, Zhou Yi founded the "easy to come" vehicle and became the pioneer and leader of the car market at that time. But as the industry pioneer, easy to most conflicts with traditional taxi competition. 2015, drops, fast, and step with the capital began to approach and quickly occupied the market, in August 1st this year, Didi went besmeared with blood, travel industry announced the acquisition of yuho Chinese, "War Within Three Kingdoms" pattern was officially formed.

2, start-up team do not talk about the big pattern, survival is the key,

drops excellent step merge easy to car money burning soul provoke controversy

bound music as an eco package to easy promotions, attracted many users to participate. But the enthusiasm has not yet had time to digest, many users found that they use cash coupons in music as mall, orders are visual aspects of music and music are locked, explanation for "suspected cattle orders".

, when the TV news are filled with certain 90 entrepreneurs how time Niubi, I found the same as entrepreneurs and I look so humble, from the college put stall hawkers began, at present awesome things never happened to me. However, as a 90 years after graduation in two years with their own two shops and hundreds of thousands of small deposits, or a little small self-confidence. But tragedy begins with this little confidence.

currently, easy to vote before the valuation of 17 billion, compared to the Shenzhou super car, currently in the new three board market, 43 billion 100 million of the valuation is still in the depression. According to the data released by iResearch, in May 30th, the total number of times from Zhou Yi to Zhou Yi was 12 million 868 thousand and 200 times, Uber was 8 million 775 thousand and 100 times, and the Shenzhou special train was 1 million 427 thousand and 300 times. Of course, the Shenzhou B2C model also determines its high price, high customer, single line profit.

may be too busy to see more like "you are a hotel or a company" such high force article, always out of their actual situation to make a lot of wrong decisions.


sina finance three new board news, some time ago travel is completely brush the screen for a week. July 22nd, Shenzhou gifted car listing three new board that is the market, the first week of the market value of 45 billion; in July 28th, about the car legalization measures released; August 1st drops travel announced the acquisition of excellence in china.


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