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on January 14, 2017, due to metro construction closed nearly four years, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Road reopened.

three, all-round introduction, so that buyers understand

Chaozhou and Wenzhou, is North Huaqiang Electronics Market two forces, they.

from the "one meter counter" to "shop factory", from "copycat Street" to "creating the legendary paradise", Huaqiang North Street, China witnessed the development of the market economy.

in Huaqiang North, three foot counter, a telephone, a calculator, is to do business of belongings, behind the counter three or four crowded youth. Don’t underestimate these simple counter, perhaps hidden behind the big boss worth billions of dollars; these 20 somethings, there are college students, 35 years after the "Liantan" might not become entrepreneurs.

with the advent of the Internet era, online shopping has become a big shopping choice. Among them, independent shops are more and more freelancers, of which Taobao is the choice of many online shop owners. I am also online shopping enthusiasts, of course, also tried to open a Taobao shop. But in fact far did not imagine so simple, it is far beyond their sales expectations, was almost a deserted house. After all his early but also put a certain cost, but why is there such a demerit, how to make their own shops approved by the customer? So I to several popular shops were analyzed, combined with the previous site of the way, summed up some experience to talk about, and we hope to share and discuss.


daily economic news micro signal: nbdnews to understand, Huaqiang North Road, 930 meters into walking street, Metro Line 7, line 1, line 2 and line 3 are connected in the negative layer of Huaqiang North, and opened a new business area of more than 4000 square meters.

there is a proverb that "pick up a sesame lost watermelon," when we just open a shop, is often the product you want, the product you want, but do not know how to integrate their own resources. In Taobao, this is reflected in the number of our baby is not many, scattered types, so with some relatively large stores strong supply reserves, we do not seem attractive. But if we integrate a set of baby, made an integrated product link, the full range of products and services, one can highlight the novelty of their products, on the other hand can also promote the sales of the shop the other baby. And after a clear crowd, we can take this crowd as the theme, and constantly improve their baby species. And in conjunction with seasonal, do some in line with the crowd preferential activities. To make their own shop features, so that customers can remember.


30 years ago, Huaqiang North Shenzhen is a common street, not even a street, just a factory Shangbu Industrial Zone Road.

1988, Shenzhen’s first electronic professional market – SEG electronics matching market opened, when the area is only 900 square meters.

then, North Huaqiang Electronics Market all the way to the good. Especially in 1998, Huaqiang electronic world opened, SEG broke a dominant situation, within an area of 1.45 square kilometers gathered dozens of market, Huaqiang North become China’s largest electronic components and products trading center.

has stepped out of more than 50 billionaires,

two, the price is not king, product collection crowd psychological

Huaqiang North Road, in a short span of four years, the world has undergone tremendous changes:

1. Product positioning, value maximization,

according to the "Shenzhen daily", 1985, Shenzhen Electronic Industrial Corporation was established, and the SEG group predecessor, took market opportunities, planning a component matching market.

"cheap, no good goods, good goods are not cheap", I believe that many Chinese people still agree. Sometimes in order to boost sales, making their own brands in the market, we often take low-cost sales, in order to improve their sales, but this way, in fact sometimes is not recognized by the customer, may have a certain sales, but it will be a lot of sales follow-up evaluation interference. But the price is high, there is no competition with big stores. So I would like to refer to the marketing approach, in the product sales link, the price may be slightly raised, but will be combined with other products, may also be accompanied by a small number of random products. Or do some small promotions at certain times associated with the crowd.

products at zero distance vision China

used to assemble PC, copycat mobile phone brand manufacturers, is the impact of businessmen to invest in all a hideous mess; abroad, set off a manufacturing cost dilemma discussion; Shenzhen residents also suddenly catch up to Beijing.

compared with other online shopping consumption, will be more quick and easy, without geographical restrictions, however it also has its own shortcomings, contact commodity, buyers can not touch real quality, can not feel real. She always wonders if there will be any gaps with the show, so there will always be worry and doubt when choosing. As a new store, we evaluate and sell

had been described, Huaqiang North sneezes, the Pearl River Delta and the country market "with cold". The Spring Festival of 2003, North Huaqiang Electronics Market holiday 7 days. On the first day of the holiday, the prices of electronic components and products in Beijing, Zhongguancun, as usual, rose immediately. In Shenzhen, the most concerned about the changes in the exchange rate in addition to foreign exchange traders, probably merchants Huaqiang North, according to the exchange rate adjustment.

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